Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Special Olympics

This is old news to Lincoln readers of the Chief's Corner, but for those of you in far flung states and countries, we are hosting the National Special Olympics Games in Lincoln this week.  It's quite a show, with 3,600 athletes, their coaches, families, and fans filling the city. 

The Special Olympics is the signature event for police philanthropy in the United States.  The Law Enforcement Torch Run is the largest grassroots fundraiser for Special Olympics, and generally coincides with each State's games.  This year, with the national games in Nebraska, the torch run involved scores of law enforcement officers and Special Olympics athletes from all over the United States.

I was honored to help escort the Nebraska delegation in the parade of teams at the opening ceremonies on Sunday, and it was a memorable event.  My favorite part, though, wasn't in the arena: rather, it was on the adjacent track, where the teams were assembled for the entrance, a rather complex choreography indeed.  As the teams arrived, myself and several dozen police officers, troopers, and deputies from coast to coast in an array of varying uniforms shook hands, bumped fists, hugged, and high-fived athletes of every kind, type, and description.

In the process of welcoming folks to our city, I was surprised by the number of people who remarked about how nice and clean Lincoln seems.  Funny, when you live here, you don't so much notice.  They're right, though, it's an awfully nice place where you have to do quite a bit of looking to find the dust bunnies. 

Hotter than blazes the past several days, and the heat intends to stick around for the games.  Let's hope everyone stays well hydrated, and enjoys great competition, sportsmanship, and fellowship.  I get to hang medals on Thursday at track & field, where I'll be looking for a little shade between events! 


Former Deputy D said...

The city of Lincoln is a "Clean Place." This Special event is being handled very professionally from all aspects. I commend: LPD, Red Cross and the thousand of volunteers!
Thursday, Don't forget to take your Offical Police Hat. You don't want to pay the price I did for not covering my head last week at the Y Coach Pitch games. ;) OUCH!! Although the Aloe Vera shampoo helped a little.

Anonymous said...

Great Event the National Special Olympics. Everyone needs hope and a chance to succeed at something special.

Tom Casady said...


My pate has been shiny long enough that I have learned that lesson well!

Anonymous said...

They bring great joy and we all hope they all come back again.

Anonymous said...

Chief-Don't forget to put sunscreen on the nearly-virgin upper lip skin. Enjoy the event.


Anonymous said...

Tom, you really should get rid of that ugly police hat. It made you look even dumber.

Anonymous said...


No, that was a mirror you were looking at, when you saw the dummy staring back at you.

Anonymous said...

As a nurse I look forward to volunteering Thursday as part of the medical team at the bowling alley. I hope to see these athletes play hard and I am sure they will all have a lot of smiles and love to give back.


Anonymous said...

Lincoln is a clean place but the more cuts that come to city personnel due to budget reform and not raising taxes, the city will slowly fall into a not so clean place. All those "little people" that are losing their jobs are the ones that make this city the clean place it is. Just my $.02.

Former Deputy D said...

I agree Chief, lesson learned.
Thanks, That's funny. I needed a good laugh out loud!!

I hope Dexter the infamous 9-K as reported by LJS can find our escapee. ;)