Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Six Fourths

Independence Day is normally one of the busiest days of the year for the Lincoln Police Department.  This depends, however, on the day of the week it falls upon, and (of course) the weather.  This year’s rain obviously played a role in keeping a lid on the police dispatches, which look like this over the past six years:

2010     383
2009     428
2008     439
2007     441
2006     448
2005     462


Herb said...

2007 must have been awful busy, it's listed twice:

2010 383
2009 428
2008 439
2007 441
2006 448
2007 462

Anonymous said...

2007 must of been a bad year you had it listed 2x one 462 and once 441 LOL

Anonymous said...

I live in one of the "poorer" neighborhoods in Lincoln currently. I wonder what the per capita amount of money per household spent on fireworks in my block was? From the evidence left in the streets Monday morning it was significant. I am not complaining just commenting. I enjoyed the free fireworks display and since the Oak Lake event was canceled Sunday night I had the benefit of a great seat in my driveway. I do want to commend the neighbors who were out first thing Monday morning cleaning up the debris.

Gun Nut

Jared said...

The 4th of July seems to generate more police calls then all other holidays combined. Its probably a lot of just neighbor noise complaints as the bulk of the calls.

Why can't people solve their own problems with out always wasting police time and tax money?

Steve said...

When people are deliberately firing bottle rockets, shooting star shells, and the like at passing motorists, does it qualify as assault with a deadly weapon? I was the target more than once on my motorcycle as I came back home from a West A neighborhood Sunday night.

Anonymous said...

We had a pretty loud and free amateur show in our area for a few nights. These were a tremendous help for taking the startle factor out of the high-end booms. Not as good as electronic earmuffs, but they're a lot more comfortable for extended wear, and you could still carry on a conversation or watch TV with them in, yet still avoid having your brain rattled.

Anonymous said...

I would be interested in seeing the numbers of injuries that occurred this year in comparison to the last few. With the legalization of several types of fireworks, is there any data to show injuries went up, down or stayed the same?

Steve said...

Didn't your teachers show you how to reduce fractions to their simplest form? Your title should read: three halves.