Thursday, July 15, 2010

Budget meeting

Yesterday was our budget meeting with the City Council.  The police department's $35 million budget was on the schedule for 30 minutes, so I had to keep it at the 25,000 ft. view.  We reviewed the status of our key performance indicators, and then I covered the significant changes in our budget compared to the current-level-of services budget. 

The questions from the City Council mostly concerned the layoff of all nine of our paraprofessionals (public service officers), and the reassignment of four officers to the street that are currently serving as middle school resource officers.  As one of the council members pointed out, even though the cut in LPD's budget is just over $900,000 compared to what it would take to provide exactly the same services as we provide this year, our budget still goes up 2.5%, in order to cover the rising personnel costs, fuel costs, and other operational expenses that don't seem to take a vacation despite the City's lagging tax revenue. 

The news from Lincoln is not, however, as bleak as in many cities.  Yesterday Oakland, CA laid off 80 police officers--about 10% of it's force. Down the road in the little city of Grand Island, NE (population 45,000) my good friend Chief Steve Lamken is losing 3 civilians and 7 of his 75 police officers.  The Nebraska State Fair moves to Grand Island this year, which should make that even more challenging.  Times are tough.


Steve said...

The city's revenues will probably fall some more now with another 150 people in the private sector losing their jobs. Mine is one of them. I'm sure we're all going to enjoy watching other people go to the big name concerts at the new arena (people who can afford it).

Former Deputy D said...

I have also noticed in the past couple of days one of your PSO's and a SRO"s proved their worth once again. If I remember correctly, the PSO spotted the vehicle stolen by the inmate out on work release and followed him untill an Officer was able to make the arrest and also your SRO recognized the individuals in the Golf Cart Vandalism case-Case Closed. I wish them all the best! You know a real hero is one that knows their job is on the line and continues to perform at a high level as opposed to saying, "Oh, the heck with it."
Also, the new photo looks good.

Anonymous said...

times are tough? The fed gov acts like it is not a "tough" time. They have no problem selling the USA to China and spending and printing money as fast as it can.
NO TIME IN history has this happened. So remember, LPS,LPD, All govts (exception of few) participated in this sure to fail spend happy program.

Anonymous said...

The Police Department's General Fund budget only went up by 0.65% (not even a percent) where as the Fire's General Fund budget went up 1.99%. Didn't I hear the Fire Department isn't meeting all of their goals? How is the Police doing meeting their goals?

Anonymous said...

I was saddened to see in the new profile picture that apparently during the budget meetings, 1 mustanche was also lost. I was a fan of the stand alone. But as always, with great mustache comes great responsibility. :)

Anonymous said...
Is this the same one that hit the tree?

Anonymous said...

Is it true to LPD will not have an upcoming recruit class? Is that due to the budget concerns or is it because LPD is already over the authorized strength?

Tom Casady said...


No, that is not true.