Thursday, March 11, 2010

By popular demand

Some anonymous armchair critic in the comments to my Tuesday post accused me of writing about technology too much. The technophobic critic wants me to blog about:
“1) What is the hiring process really like? What gets you bumped? What gets you hired?
2) Thoughts on private investigators? Shady or respectable?
3) What about jurisdictional issues with so many LE agencies around?
4) Anything but a new app, chart, table, dashboard, etc.”
So, here you are:

1)  The details of the process are described online.  The only part that isn’t is the last mile: narrowing down the long list.  I use a hiring review panel of a dozen employees of all ranks. They pore over the files of the applicants who make it all the way through the tests.  Then we meet together, and I decide (largely based on their advice) who moves on.  We’re going to have around 600 applicants for the less-than-ten slots in our fall academy class, so it is intensely competitive.  What gets you bumped?  Lying on your application or in your interviews. Domestic violence. Poor physical fitness. Cheating; use of pejorative racist, sexist, homophobic language, excessive drinking, illegal drug use, thievery, poor debt management—all depending on recency, frequency and severity; bad employment history and references; mediocre academic performance.  What gets you hired?  High scores on the written tests and interviews; strong college education; good GPA, class rank, and ACT scores; good life experiences, such as work experience, extracurricular activities, military experience, cross-cultural experiences, volunteer and/or work experience in helping roles (i.e. mentoring, coaching, teaching, social work); special skills such as multiple language fluency, police certification, or medical training;  lack of any significant negative behaviors; excellent interpersonal communication skills.

2) It is highly individual, but here in Lincoln, the private investigators and firms generally have had good reputations, and I have nothing negative to say.

3) The inter-local, mutual aid, and jurisdictional agreements and practices are strong in our neck of the woods, and we all play well together. You will find little or no conflict or overlap between the Lincoln Police, Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, Nebraska State Patrol, UNL Police, and Airport Police.



There you have it.  Three out of four isn’t bad.


Anonymous said...

Excessive drinking?
What is excessive? For some it would be a "beer with my pizza"
Sorry to hinge on alcohol, but it is not a friend of mine. For me excessive is a "beer with my pizza"
Thats all, going to scoop snow.
It is Boys BB time, and snow is right on time for lots of fener benders. Did I say bender?

Tom Casady said...


No, we're talking things like multiple alcohol-related offenses, regular binge drinking, driving while drunk, and other signs of untreated alcholism.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for addressing these items Chief. Seems I ruffled your feathers a bit when I suggested them, my apologies. I'll choose my future input a little more carefully. I don't blog, I just read yours. But, if you are going to publish and want people to read, critiques will come. After all, you've appealed to us readers many a time for input and ideas on stuff. Gotta take the good with the bad. Also, I like the chart on topics better than the "cloud."
-March 9, 2010, Anon. 3:49 p.m.

Tom Casady said...


Nah, my feathers don't ruffle THAT easily! I figured you would be able to tell that I was funnin' with you by my response to question # 4. I've been meaning to write something short and sweet about # 1 for quite a while, I just keep forgetting. # 2 made me think of an interesting future topic: private security (rather than private investigations.) # 3 could make a decent future post, too, with a little more detail about how we "devide the labor" and collaborate.

Anonymous said...

I demand more posts on the animal kingdom! Maybe you could combine it with binge drinking and panhandling, if we ever have an animal with a drinking problem at the Children's Zoo. Mug shot at the link. I'm not sure if detox will take these or not.

Timmy Fireballs said...

Please... more wacky tobaccy please!

ARRRRG!!!! said...

In #4, what category do Pirates fall under?

Anonymous said...

Does this sound familiar to the local marijuana bust or what? Do you think there's any connection Chief?

N.J. Pot Bust

Anonymous said...

I like the way they set bail amounts on dope farmers in New Jersey - massively high.

Tom Casady said...



Timmy F.-



All of them, methinks.


This was brought to my attention last night by a reporter. Looks very similar, I must admit. The CO of our Narcotics Unit noted that Canada appears to be a net exporter of hockey players, Canadian Whiskey, and marijuana growing technology.

Anonymous said...

Chief-Here are a couple topics for you:

1. Tasers-Your thoughts?
2. Video recorders in cruisers
3. Weaponry currently carried
4. Selective enforcement for traffic violators, DUI's, etc.


Steve said...


I applied to LPD twice back in the 70's, scored high on the test, was physically fit, but the city wasn't in the hiring mood at the time. Would you still consider a 60-year-old who meets most of your "what gets you hired" criteria but enjoys (perhaps) more than the occasional beer?

Tom Casady said...


I've already covered one of those, and there's not much more Ican add, even though it was a few years ago. The rest I have put on my list for future topics. Thanks for the ideas!