Monday, March 8, 2010

Beyond the data

In a post last year, I admired the straightforward presentation of key data by the Teammates mentoring program. It inspired me to publish a dashboard of key performance indicators for the police department on our own website.

Recently, another local non-profit also impressed me with a succinct presentation of key data. The Child Advocacy Center is an important local facility that has immensely improved the response of this community to serious child abuse, especially sexual abuse of children. Check out the Center’s short annual report for 2009. The graphs are simple and informative, and at a glance convey the key information about what the Center does, and about the sources and trends with these cases.

Do more, though, then just look at the graphics. Go beyond the data and think about the lives involved in these cases. Let that sink in. Look in particular at the chart at the bottom of page 3, “Reason for Referral” and think about the implications of over 600 investigations of child sexual assault from southeast Nebraska—mostly cases right here in Lincoln, investigated by LPD’s Family Crimes Unit.

I’ve known the Child Advocacy Center’s director, Lynn Ayers, for over 25 years. A more committed professional you will not find. The Center is presently engaged in a campaign to build a new facility, and would be worthy of your consideration as you consider your charitable giving in 2010.


Anonymous said...

I can not think of another place that would be deserving of donation than those places who help the children who go through such an event as this.
I really do not know how the family crimes investig's keep their wits about them.
Most all of those that molest kids are really CREEPY!

Anonymous said...

chief, wondering since you always show concerns of the " resrouces" of the city.... when will you allow local bars and club to hire off duty to help protect the patrons. work door, check id's....etc

just wondering....let them help you, help us.... save money for the dept, and shows active role to protect the businesses...

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that (by general order) off-duty LPD officers were only allowed to do security work in full uniform, not in plainclothes or partial uniform. I've no idea what LSO or NSP have for policy on off-duty security work.

In any case, I'm sure that the Chief will have no problem with clearly laying out exactly why LPD is fairly selective about where they do and don't approve off-duty employment. I imagine it's got a lot to do with not wanting LPD to appear somehow associated with certain types of businesses.

Tom Casady said...


Off duty police officers working for a bar or club is a clear conflict of interest, and not allowed. This has been the policy in Lincoln at least since the repeal of Prohibition. While there are exceptions, this is also the prevalent practice in those police agencies that allow officers to work off duty security jobs. Bars that need security need to hire their own security, and pay enough that they can rightfully demand quality services.

Tom Casady said...


ALL off duty work must be approved in advance by me--whether security or not, whether uniform or not. There are certain things that are generally prohibited: security work outside the City limits, work for a licensed retail alchohol establishment, work for collection agencies, work that would create a significant real or apparent conflict of interest. This is all outlined in our General Orders. There is a provision for exceptions to be made, and this occurs in rare cases: such as a hotel, a grocery store where the liquor license is incidental to the primary business, a prisoner transport job that takes the officer outside the City, and so forth. When someone seeks an exception, a case by case decision is made based on the particular details, and upon the best interest of the City.