Saturday, August 15, 2009

Atticus invited

I'm gone for a few days to a place in the middle of the Nebraska Sandhills where Internet access is unlikely, so my posting is suspended until about Thursday. I'm also looking forward to a couple of days untethered from the electric grid--well, sort of.

As I did last year, I've invited a regular reader, Atticus, to fill in if he wishes. I have no clue who Atticus is, but his comments are always spot on, and he did a nice job last year.

Atticus, I hope this finds you, and that you have time to share some thoughts early next week. I sent you an email invitation a few days ago, to the anonymous email address you provided last year. Follow the invitation, and you are an author.

If Atticus doesn't surface, I'll get cracking again as soon as I plug back in.


Anonymous said...

If Atticus can't do it you should get Arrrg!!!! to do it.

Steve said...

I hate to say it, Atticus, but it seems you may not be very popular (no comments yet). Maybe the Chief should put someone in his place who is not "alwasy (sic) spot on" with their comments!

Anonymous said...

Very good game between LPD and Huskers. A nice fundraiser for the Lighthouse.

Anonymous said...

Is there an APB out on Atticus? Oh wait...guess not. No one knows who he/she is after all.

Arupe said...

Hey Chief,

Where were you in the sandhills? I'm from Valentine originally... that's God's Country out there. Absolutely beautiful!