Thursday, August 27, 2009

Since midnight

It’s 5:23 AM on a Thursday morning. Since midnight, we’ve responded to 51 incidents, as follows:


There are four drunk drivers among the eight alcohol-related calls. The prowlers are interesting. It looks like Officers Sara Genoways and John Hudec interrupted a couple of young men prowling cars looking for something to break into near S 27th St. and Old Cheney Road. There wasn’t enough evidence to arrest them, but I have no doubt that a few people who would have been victims will wake up this morning with their stuff safe as a result. The disturbances are always a good read. Officer Ben Faz was sent on one shortly after midnight in which the dispatch information indicates a 15 year old was staring at his mother and refusing to go to bed. I'll bet there's an interesting story there. Four of the five larcenies were from cars. In one case, the victim’s stereo was removed from the dash and his UNL employee ID and backpack. He parks on the street at his residence near Bryan/LGH Medical Center West. He told Officer Nichole Loos that he always leaves his car unlocked. Go figure.

A few minutes in the police reports always confirms what your mother told you: “Nothing good happens after midnight.”

UPDATE: Apparently as I was writing this post, Officers Andy Ripley and Rick Roh were in the process of arresting two men involved in a burglary in progress at Bryant Heating & Air Conditioning in northeast Lincoln!


Anonymous said...

"He told Officer Nichole Loos that he always leaves his car unlocked"

He surely always leaves his stereo's faceplate on, then, because they're too big and heavy to take with you.

Dave said...

I'm curious Chief, 51 calls since midnight, is that a slow, busy, or typical night for mid-week?

And I bet the blue will be out in force downtown tonight with all the college students back, which is why I avoid downtown at night.

Are those extra officers on duty for downtown bar closing, or are they officers that are on shift already? I've always been curious about that.

Tom Casady said...

8:45 -

Of course.


Well, last year we handled 21,317 dispatches between midnight and 5:23 AM, which would be an average of 58 per day. I'm sure that's significantly skewed by Saturday and Sunday, though. I'd say this morning was pretty typical. It's very sensitive to weather, too.

The Center Team officers who handle bar break are on thier normal work shifts. Obviously, we have to staff for that extra workload. There is a huge peak at the Friday night/Saturday morning and Saturday night/Sunday morning bar break period--by far our busiest hours of the week.

Anonymous said...

"...Bryant Heathing & Air Conditioning..."

Were the burglars trying to steal a heather since it's been unusually cool at night?

Tom Casady said...


A little slack, please. I was making that update in the conference room, with my neck craned at an odd angel--I mean angle.

Tom Casady said...

(I accidentally rejected this comment from DAVE, but I was able to retrieve the text from my email notification of the comment. Sorry)

Having worked security at the Brass Rail from time to time, I am quite happy to see those Officer's.

Whenever I have had to eject someone physically, Blue was always there to take the individual from me, and I appreciate that.

We didn't have those extra officers on O street in the mid 80's, and often after ejecting someone from the bar, I'd find myself in a fight until someone called the Police.

So as a sometimes bouncer, I appreciate you guys being on O street during bar hours from Thursday through Sunday morning

Dave said...

You rejected me? I am crushed!!!

Thanks for bringing me back though Chief, I was wondering why I felt lost for a few minutes this morning.

Tom Casady said...

No disrespect, Dave, I just fat-fingered the publish/reject button!

Anonymous said...

Hey, was the Brett Wood arrested for that Burglary the one with DOB 01/29/62? If so, he seems quite "habitual". Good timing, though, with that title fraud case he's got in the courts now, the judge ought to like that.

Oh, and maybe one reason that forgery cases dropped over the last couple of years is that Brett was in the pen - for forgery - and it's not the first time. He and fellow burglary suspect Joseph Skeeter appear to have forged (pun intended) a working relationship.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the officers love all of the downtown bars and the headaches they cause.

Trevor Brass said...

Lincoln is a busier city than most people realize, especially if you live in the more insulated southeast corner of town.

Anonymous said...

Whats with all the Lincoln Police vehicles on campus (parking lots, etc..) lately after 11pm? I thought that Lincoln Police needed permission from UNL Police to go on UNL's property? Is their some new deal with UNLPD, or are your officers ignorant?

Ignorance is bliss. said...

To Anon 11:39 PM:

UNL is in the city so LPD can enforce laws anywhere on campus without permission. BTW, Lincoln is in Lancaster county and LSO can enforce laws in the city.

Anonymous said...

Oooh! Oooh!

I'm raising my hand high, Teacher Chief! Can I answer 11:39?

Ignorance can be defined as not knowing the difference between their, there, and they're; especially when the ignorant does not understand how to properly punctuate "what's".

As for where LPD parks, how could that possibly be a concern unless one was feeling the need to avoid law enforcement officers?

Additionally, why would anyone need "permission" to go on campus? Police officers are utilizing public parking lots, just like any other employee who has need for a parking place in the downtown area. You certainly did not think that all those cars parked on campus are students and UNL employees, did you?

Anonymous said...

If Lincoln Police are allowed to enforce the laws on UNL property then there would be no need for UNLPD. UNLPD was created because during protests back in the day Lincoln Police could not arrest anyone on campus unless they stepped off the university's property. The governor created UNLPD to have a police presence on campus and commissioned them as Special Deputy State Sheriff's. Lincoln police may arrest and stop cars on the streets going through campus or follow a crime in progress, but they may not come onto the university's property as they see fit to conduct investigations, conduct and arrest warrant or whatever, they must contact UNLPD and let them know. Lincoln Police can park on campus just like anyone else but the parking rules and regulations on campus stand 24/7 and just because it may be an LPD car it still can receive a ticket, the only cars exempt are most state vehicles.

Anonymous said...

Actually probably every car parked on campus is a UNL student or Staff if not it will be towed off within the week.

Tom Casady said...


I am no expert on the history of the University of Nebraska Police, but the Department was fully-functioning when I was an undergraduate in the early 1970's. There was never a time I know of or have heard of when "...Lincoln Police could not arrest anyone on campus unless they stepped off the university's property."

I believe that we have the same authority on campus as we do anywhere else in the City of Lincoln. I am quite certain that University police officers have the same legal authority off campus as on.

We maintain written memoranda of understanding with other police agencies with whom our jurisdiction overlaps: State Patrol, Veteran's Administration, Lancaster County Sheriff, and the Lincoln Airport Authority. In these memoranda, we agree upon who will have primary responsibility for what, and how we will assist one another when requested.

In general, we do not investigate crimes on campus, just as the UNL police do not generally investigate crimes off-campus and/or University property. Since our geographic areas of responsibility rub up against one another so closely, there is quite a bit of incidental patrol of UNL property by LPD and vice versa, but we do not engage in purposeful patrols of UNL parking lots for facilities.

None of us, however, is prohibited from taking law enforcement action anywhere in the City including property owned by the City, County, State, and Federal governments. Were it so, there are a few hundred people arrested by LPD officers in and around Memorial Stadium during the past 50 years who would have gotten a free pass for their unlawful conduct.

The working relationships could hardly be better, and we often assist one another in many practical ways.

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