Thursday, August 7, 2008

Guest blogger

I'm on vacation for the next week. Earlier this summer, I asked a reader of The Chief's Corner to fill in in my absence. Atticus (no, I have no idea who he is) has contributed some particuarly lucid comments from time to time, and I like his writing style. I thought he would be a good sub, and he agreed. I told him how to get an anonymous gmail account, and I added him to my profile as an author.

We are celebrating a big wedding anniversary next week, so Tonja and I are headed out for our first genuine vacation in several years. I'll be back on the blog a week from Monday.

Good blogging, Atticus, and thanks!


Anonymous said...

Two things Tom - first, and foremost, Happy Anniversary to you and Tonja...second - does "Atticus" have your authority to make any changes he feels are necessary for the smooth transition of the PD???

Anonymous said...

Have a happy 35th!

Anonymous said...

How was Gaylords?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone may have been in Nashville.

Hatch Print Shop is a must stop if anyone ever heads there.

SAT said...

Happy Anniversary Tom & Tonja! and Happy Birthday Tom! Have a great time on vacation!