Thursday, October 22, 2009

Family Reunion

If you want to have your heart warmed up a bit, check back on my post Family Found from a couple months ago, and read the thread of comments. Marion Marshall’s family members have been passing around the two URLs and enjoying reading about him. So far, two daughters, two great-grandchildren, and the foster sister of one of the daughters have found their way to the Chief’s Corner to read about Marion Marshall.

There is a neat comment by his 87 year-old daughter, who is apparently pretty computer-friendly! Youngest daughter Joyce Marion sent me a very nice letter off-blog, with her first-hand account of the experiences of these children orphaned at the height of the Great Depression. The two girls know some basics about the trials and tribulations of their brother, Charles Clyde (Buddy) Marshall following the death of their parents and the break up of the siblings. Great-grandson Virgil Ballard tells the story in his comment, and his description is confirmed by the girls and by some other records we have found and shared with the family.

We have still had no luck in locating Buddy, though. I think it would be wonderful if we could either help find Buddy, or (if he has passed) his resting place, but I suspect we will need some help from people with more time and expertise.


Anonymous said...

The Nebraska State Historical Society has a ton of interesting history items. It is worth a visit for those who have never been to the building at 15th and R street.

Anonymous said...

The Nebraska State Historical Soceity Library and Archives building is currently undergoing fire/life safety renovation and the reference room is closed. Staff are available and have access to *some* research material. If you have a request, check out for updates on re-opening, and email to request reference materials. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The Library of Congress is in the process of archiving every newspaper that they can for the past 250 years. A couple of the newspapers from the 1800's in Nebraska are on the archives. Very interesting reading.

I found several advertisements from the 1890's for Mule and Horse auctions that my Grandfather had placed in Omaha papers during that time. The pictures of him in that advertisement are the only ones we have of him when he was younger.

Gun Nut

Trevor Brass said...

3 years in prison for teaching music to high schoolers without a licence?! Ouch...that's really severe.

Anonymous said...

Unrelated, but for A9-104933, do those 3 letters mean what I think they do? If so, you might want to edit that out of the summary line (they get enough publicity as is).

ARRRRG!!!! said...

Best of luck to the Marshall family.

Here's a picture from my family reunion.

Tom Casady said...

Trevor Brass-

My reaction was the same: hard to belileve that he could be in prison for this--particularly when it seems he was doing a pretty good job!