Monday, October 19, 2009

Battle of the Badges

Let the battle begin. It’s the big one: The Packers v. the Chiefs, the Yankees v. Red Sox, Nebraska v. Oklahoma, the Thrilla in Manila.

This week our annual blood drive for the Community Blood Bank of Lincoln kicks into high gear: Battle of the Badges. The concept is pretty simple, the Lincoln Police Department and Lincoln Fire & Rescue square off to see who can achieve the highest amount of blood donated. This is the 11th annual Battle of the Badges, and the series is knotted at 5-5.

The police and firefighters will be leading the charge, but we can only donate so much. So we’re both drumming up citizen support for our cause. If you donate blood at the Community Blood Bank this month, you’ll have the opportunity to check the box for the LPD or for LFR. The team with the most juice receives the travelling trophy and the acclaim of the entire City.

You can donate at any of the blood bank locations, or at the mobile units, which will be at these special events during October. It’s easy, it’s quick, they will lavish you with all manner of snacks, and you will be supporting a great cause by lending us your arm. Make an appointment, avoid the rush!

What’s the use of having a popular blog if you can’t exploit it for a good cause every now and then? Be the type that gives! (…for the police team, of course.)


Charity said...

It's a pity I recently did my donation. I'm not eligable again until late November. I don't suppose this little contest extends to Thanksgiving?

Anonymous said...

me too.

Grundle King said...

Donated a double unit on the 9th. Good cause though!

Trevor Brass said...

Chief, you forgot to mention another benefit of blood donation -- completing hilarious questionnaires for random afflictions few have ever heard of:

--Have you or anyone in your family had Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)? Have you or anyone in your family been told you may be at risk for Creutzfeldt- Jakob Disease (CJD)?

--Have you ever had brain surgery? If so, have you received a dura mater (or brain covering) graft? Have you ever received human pituitary-derived growth hormone?

--Have you ever taken clotting factor concentrates?

--Have you ever had: heart, lung or kidney disease; chest pain; blood disease or abnormal bleeding tendencies; phlebitis; Cancer; Diabetes, Lyme Disease, Crohn’s disease, Stroke or Ulcerative Colitis?

...Crap, was that my skull they cut out of was it just a hysterectomy ... can't remember!

ARRRRG!!!! said...

I donated.

Steve said...

My blood probably has too much beer in it!

Wait ... is there such a thing as too much beer?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Now that is what I call some 15.

Spazzy McGee said...

Hey Trevor,

Those "hilarious questionnaires" are meant to screen blood products for diseases that are difficult to test for, and protect our blood supply. CJD is mad cow disease, and while rare in the US, there was a period of time not too long ago that it was fairly common in the UK.
The other questions are asked because those diseases, especially in the past, used human derived substances for treatment. While rare, the treatments could contain infectious organisms.

But you're right, they do seem random, and they are funny, but they're meant to help keep our blood supply as clean as possible!