Friday, October 30, 2009

Professional opportunity

Lots of crime analysts read the Chief's Corner, so I'm going to take the liberty of using this post to advertise a job that has just opened here at the Lincoln Police Department:

The City of Lincoln, Nebraska is opening applications for a Crime Analysis Manager to supervise our five-person unit that is responsible for both crime analysis and intelligence, in our police department of 423 employees serving a population of 252,000. This is a department deeply committed to leveraging information technology and analysis for several decades, rich in data, with a tech-savvy management staff and workforce that understands the importance of good analysis and problem solving. We are ready to move to a new level of excellence, and we are seeking a Crime Analysis Unit Manager who can help us do so. I would be happy to talk confidentially and candidly about the opportunities and challenges with anyone who is curious about the job, about Lincoln, or about the police department.

Job posting and application:

Tom Casady
Chief of Police
Lincoln Police Department
575 S. 10th Street
Lincoln, NE 68508


ARRRRG!!!! said...

I can do charts and graphs and stuff like that. I should send in my application.

Tom Casady said...

ARRRRG!!!! -

Looks like you plagiarized these data to me, but I shouldn't be surprised: you are a pirate, after all.

Making charts, graphs, and stuff like that is part of what a crime analysis manager does, but can you lead a team, develop and implement a strategic plan, coordinate an advisory committee, teach skills to your staff and the rest of the department, turn raw information into actionable intelligence and analytical products, conceptualize approaches to ameliorate crime and other police problems, and can you find the patterns that would be concealed in the volume of what we do without crime analysis?

Click "Crime Analysis" in the label cloud, and you'll see the kinds of analysis I'm interested in. If you have the talent to do this kind of work, can teach it to others, and can manage a great staff to float our boat even higher in the water, go for it.

For any newcomers to the Chief's Corner, in order to understand ARRRRG!!!!, you will have to refer to the 2008 history of pirates on the Chief's Corner.

Steve said...

I'm your man!

Steve said...

Well, I may not be your man, since I don't have any experience. But, it sounds like a fun job.

Anonymous said...

Dude, do you need an cordless drill to apply for this un-appliable job?