Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Family found

A few months ago, I told the poignant story of Special Duty Patrolman Marion Francis Marshall here in the Chief's Corner. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate any family members to share this story with. Yesterday, I received an email from Marion Marshall's great grandson. He had found the post, and as you might imagine, was thrilled. He is the grandson of Marion Francis Marshall's youngest daughter, Marion Joyce Marshall.

He added a few interesting but tragic details to the story. Marion's wife, Eva Marshall, fell ill shortly after his death, and died in her 30's. She must be the Eva I. Marshall who is also buried in Wyuka Cemetery. The three children were placed in an orphanage. Both of the girls, Lynelle and Marion Joyce, are still living. They have stayed in touch, but have lost contact with their brother, Charles Clyde "Buddy" Marshall. He was born on July 16, 1925, so he would be 84 if he is still alive.

His grand-nephew was seeking any help I might be able to provide, as he would love to reconnect him with his sisters. I did what I could with local records here in Lincoln at the time I originally stumbled upon the story, but I'm no geneologist.


Trevor Brass said...

It is nice to see that the debt that all men pay can recieve its due, however belated.

Virgil Ballard said...

I am the great grandson of Marion Marshall and want to personally thank everybody for the kind words about my grandfather. I have heard of the kind of man he was and it takes that type of person to put their life on the line to protect and serve for the greater good. Thanks to the Chief for taking the time to tell our story and hopefully we can put this family back together after all of these years apart and finally bring some sort of piece of mine to the other victims of that shooting. The family of Marion Francis Marshall. Thank you and God Bless!!!!

Tom Casady said...

Virgil, I didn't want to reveal your name without your permission, but now that you have done so, let me just say thanks for sharing your family history. We have an intern doing some more research, and I hope we can uncover some more information for you. Hundreds of people read this blog, and if we're lucky, there will be someone with a bit more specialized knowledge in this area.

I think we can already safely conclude that your great-grandmother, Eva Irene (Harrell) Marshall is indeed the Eva I. Marshall who is buried in Wyuka Cemetery here in Lincoln. The cemetery records show that she's in the same section and lot as Marion, but I don't recall seeing another stone. I'll try to get out there and check in person. I'll snap a photo of the gravestone for you if I find one. I hope we can uncover some additional information for you, and it's an honor to help do so.

Virgil Ballard said...

Yes, Tom ,that is indeed my great grandmother that is buried in the cemetery. Thanks for all that you are doing!!!!!
I guess I could give a few facts about Charles "Buddy" that may help someone remember him.
First of all my grand mother wants it to be known that Charles had it the roughest of all the children. His dad was his hero and his tragic death took a toll on him. He had trouble coping with the death and kind of went in a shell which only got worse when his mother fell ill and passed soon after. Charles made mistakes but down deep inside he's was a good kid, a great brother, and was very close to his little sister, my grandmother Joyce.
From all accounts Charles never finished high school while in the orphanage although he had an extremely high IQ. He would go on to teach music in school even though he didn't have the credentials to do such nor had he ever been taught how to play an instrument. He must of been pretty convincing as an intellect to get hired to teach. They would ask for his teaching degree and he would put them off by saying he would send for the paperwork. This would eventually catch up to him as most of us find out lies do have a way of doing that. The school was partially funded by governement money and when it was discovered he was teaching under false pretenses that's when the trouble began for him. I added this because maybe someone will remeber this story. While in prison he was in charge of the prison music department and actually composed some music that was played on local radio stations in Lincoln at the time. This was the last time we could find any information about Charles. We know he has spent time in prison in Idaho, Missouri,Indiana and Nebraska. I only tell you this part of the story in hopes that we locate him. From what I'm lead to believe his crimes were of theft, bad checks etc. and not violent crimes. I do not want to pass judgement on a guy I have never met and would hope that no one else will either. Besides, that young man that committed those crimes is gone now and all that would be left is an 84 year old man whom I'm sure has regrets and love in his heart. At one point there were articles written about the prison band under his leadership but I am not certain as to published those articles. Anyway thanks to all who read this and for any information that you might be able to provide.

Don said...


Kudos to you for doing this. I have only been reading your blog for a couple of months and I am so impressed. We here in Lincoln are so lucky to have you. Your personality seems to be a modern day Sheriff Andy Taylor(that is a compliment), but with a great understanding of technology and high tech law enforcement.

What a tremendous treasure we have here in Lincoln. Thank you for this blog and thank you for all that you and your department do.

Steve said...

Off the subject, but still tied to former Lincoln Police, the Dog House hot dog stand mentioned not long ago has closed. I don't know if the mobile unit is still working the downtown, or not. Sorry, to see it go.

April D said...

I am Marion Marshall's Great Great Grandaughter. His daughter Lynelle is my grandmother's mother. I was contacted by Cilla on Ancestry about Marion and this blog when she found him on my family tree. Thanks so much for giving me a wonderful part of the history that I didn't know existed. Thanks!

Tom Casady said...


Hi, April! I hope you enjoyed the story of your great great grandfather. His name is inscribed on the Nebraska Law Enforcement Memorial in Grand Island, NE, the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington, D.C., and on a nice framed citation on the wall of Lincoln Police Headquarters. It's a remarkable story of duty and sacrafice, and I was so pleased to uncover it this year, and to adopt your great great grandfather as part of our police family. I'm curiouis: is your great grandmother Lynelle alive? I sure hope if she is that she can rest assured that her Dad is in our hearts, and will not be forgotten again. Best wishes.

Virgil Ballard said...

Hi April, I guess that makes us family. Nice to hear from someone on that side of the family. Please contact me at your coinvience I would like to hear more about the family and such. My email is vlmkballard@hotmail.com.

Thanks, Virgil Ballard

Jerre Lynnelle said...

I am Lynnelle Marshall Sapp, older daughter of Marion F. Marshall. I am 87-years old and still active. The news of my father has me laughing and crying all at the same time. So excited! My great granddaughter, April Dominick, has emailed me where to read all the comments! Thanks, April!! What a wonderful surprise and much happiness. Surely hoping Charles (Buddy) Marshall can be found so we can close the door on where he is. Would love to see him and/or pictures.
Thanks to all the kindness felt in the comments.
Smiling with happiness

Tom Casady said...

Lynelle, I am just delighted you found these posts about your Dad, and I hope you enjoy knowing that he has been "adopted" by the Lincoln Police Department. I also got a nice letter from your sister.

We've found out a little bit about Buddy from the 1940's and 1950's when he hit a rough patch of life, but still have no idea what became of his after that. I will certainly let you know if anything else surfaces.

Lou Ann Rogers Bucheimer said...

My parents became foster parents to Lynnelle Marshall, and after her husband as well as my father reported for overseas duty during WWII, as Lynnelle Sapp she and her daughter, Sharon, stayed with my mom and the 3 of us. What a joy it has been to have Lynnelle, Marion's oldest daughter, in our lives! She is my sister, although not biological, definitely my sister! What fun to share her joy in finding all of these facts about her family!

seagull9 said...

I am Joyce Bragg, the youngest daughter of Marion Marshall -
in fact, my first name is actually Marion, after my father.
I just do not use the name, too much of a reminder of my
loss. I am extremely family-oriented and as the "baby" was
very close to my mother, who died a few short years later
after my father of a bad heart and a broken heart. If we
could find where my brother is, even if he might be
deceased, at least we could put closure to that. I still
feel extremely fortunate to have had as a daddy a definite
"hero" and a wonderful Christian mother. That background
helped me survive when survival was tough. I was 8 when I
lost my mother and to this day miss her because of the
person she was and the values she taught me. My brother had
it the hardest, and although he made many mistakes, he was
an outstanding brother to me and had a super mind. I think
Chief Casady is a wonderful not only Chief of Police but
person to have gone as far as he has to help our family.
Bless him!

Anonymous said...

"I am the daughter of Elsie Marshall Sapp, who is the sister of Marion Marshall. My name is Elaine Richardson. I remember Marion very well. He was a handsome uncle and had quite a sense of humor. So glad he is getting the recognition he deserves. Thank you all for caring."

Anonymous said...

My name is Linda Taylor and I am the grand daughter of Marion and
daughter to a wonderful mom, Joyce Bragg, Marion's youngest daughter.
What a great thing Chief Casady is doing to honor a terrific man as my
grandfather. I never met him, but the memories that my mom has shared
with me are priceless and I will honor his memory forever. My one wish
is that my mom could be re-united in some way with her brother, Buddy
or at least have some closure. She has spent many hours talking about
how much she misses him.
Thank you Chief Casady for honoring my grand father. God Bless!

Posted by Linda Taylor to The Chief's Corner at November 8, 2009 9:35 AM