Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New member

I'm a new member. I joined in San Diego a couple weeks ago, where I was pulling duty representing the IACA at the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference. It was easy, and there was no fee. I signed up because I fundamentally agree with the principals of the organization, and I think it represents the best hope we have for fighting crime and for passing on the important values of this republic that are worthy of upholding.

Oh, I forgot: Fight Crime, Invest in Kids.


that's what she said...

We need to do something since they changed the law and you can't drop the kids off at the hospital anymore.

That screw up really ended up bringing a problem to light and giving it some national attention.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of upholding values...
I recently got back from visiting my brother in Bethesda Naval Hospital. (doing better, but still a long way to go) a Marine picked me up from the airport and had gotten a parking ticket for waiting for me. He was in a government vehicle and wearing his cammies, (camouflage). He explained to the officer that he was waiting to pick up a family member of a wounded soldier and had orders to wait there until I came out. The Marine had a HUGE scar from his forehead to his chin and several other small scars on his face. (He had been blown up by an IED in a hum-vee in Iraq). The officer told him to move the vehicle or it would get towed. (I heard all of this while coming out) The officer was rude to this American Hero and gave him a $40.00 ticket. I know you are to obey all the laws especially at the airport, but what do the rest of you officers think? It was hard for me to see a fellow Marine, so clearly wounded in combat, to be treated this way. The Marine also did not want any special treatment, but give him a break. He was not endangering anyone, or blocking traffic. He was one of only two vehicles there so late at night.
I went down the next day to the Marine's office and offered to pay the $40.00. He told me it was already taken care of.
What would you officers have done?
Thanks for reading,

Anonymous said...

Here's a kid that went bad young, and then stayed bad after he came of age. I hate to be my usual suspicious self, but I have a hard time believing that this guy did a HIR just to steal some electronics, when he could have just done a burglary on an upscale home with no alarm system, and almost surely got a much better haul.

Do you suspect that there was a drug angle to this HIR, but the resident didn't say anything about that part of it? The risk the robber took (of getting shot by the resident) was too great to make the electronics-only story believable.

Anonymous said...


I would have shaken that Marine's hand and thanked him for serving our country and moved on. Keep in mind that I get yelled at a lot because I don't write enough tickets though.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jenn should do some research and ask the Airport Police Chief her question.

Anonymous said...

He was not endangering anyone. The airports are extremely strict. 9-11 has made the rule of parking very clear. I think most all of the police are rude when giving tickets. I think they are trained that way. I avoid any tickets because of the rude behavior more than the fine and court costs.
I would guess that most people are very unkind when getting a ticket and the police put the mean face on.
When they are helping us as complainant, they put the WalMart greeter happy face on. In grade school we had a thinking cap.
When I leave the house I put the "obey the law hat on. Works good for me.

Anonymous said...

So if you are injured in a war that means that you do not have to obey laws? There are alot of silly laws out there but you know what? The law is the law!