Thursday, November 6, 2008

200K and counting

The number of visits to The Chief's Corner topped 200,000 earlier this week. It took just a little over 18 months. This is my 330th post. There has been a slight re-ordering of the most popular posts since I reported at the 100K mark back in February. The top ten, beginning with the most popular:

Share the road

I wonder who drove

Gary got his gun permit

Outside the bubble

Sure sign of spring

Not the only one with that thought

Philanthropic binge drinking

Prevention wins every time

Third shift wrap up

How many people have to die

Visitor loyalty seems pretty high, as 75% of first time visitors come back again and 101,790 have returned ten or more times. There are 14,081 visitors who have returned more than 200 times. The biggest number of visits come from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, and Australia. I think I've got only one reader in Singapore, but he or she is a loyal visitor, with 150 visits. 19,093 visits came from search engines, overwhelmingly Google. Those searching for The Chief's Corner spelled my name in many different ways:








...and occasionally, Casady. Not that I mind. I gave up any expectation of having my name properly spelled in about second grade. I've got to admit that the whole think just floors me. I never expected to have anywhere close to this kind of readership when I started to blog back in April of 2007. I'm also surprised at the number of comments that are posted by readers. I see a lot of very good blogs that get very few comments. Readers of The Chief's Corner, on the other hand, drop a lot of interesting and provocative comments. I appreciate it.


JIM J said...

It would be interesting if all the readers today would post a city and state. We really enjoy the posts. Lincoln is very blessed to have a person like you that takes his job to be important (ego check) and gives a bunch back. Thank you for keeping us informed.
Thank you again.
Jim, Matt, Tirzah, Mickey, Opal, Emmy, Hootie, Brutus, Edgar, Jack the cat and a mannequin with no name yet.
P.S those canine do not all live at one address. Do not excite the Animal Control Rep. They are all part of the family. Which leads me to ask. Chief, do you have a pet?
Lincoln, Nebraska

Lorimor said...

I kinda view your blog as an online version of "Hill Street Blues". :)

Anonymous said...

This blog is unique, unless someone can prove me wrong by pointing me to another Chief of Police anywhere in the nation with anything similar. The closest thing to it is Sheriff Jim Alderden's site, which isn't a blog so much as it is a regukler web site with an entertaining weekly action roundup written by a dedicated staffer and a periodic editorial by the Sheriff. Those editorials can be extremely sharp at times, but he's elected, not appointed, so his bosses are the citizenry, not the county board (or for a Chief of Police, a mayor/city council). When you can't be booted till the next election, you can give sharper elbows to the rest of the local and county government.

He took his whole site off the county system after some whiny county officials complained that he hammered them too much in his editorials, and now has his site independently hosted at his expense. He strongly supported CCW at Colorado State, by the way (Universities in Colorado each have the option to allow it or not).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your time and personal dedication.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to it everyday and I'm bummed when you're not able to post. Hey, just realized we haven't heard Atticus comment for a spell. And of course, cue the Pirate reference.

Tammy said...

You're a superstar Chief. I find your blogs both informative and entertaining. You have a knack for it. Keep on posting!!

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that the A8-111330 thugs didn't get "lead poisoning", for robbing an elderly woman (or for robbing anyone at all). That's a lot of money to most people who live in that neighborhood. Is this HI robbery the third-ever non-drug-related HIR in your memory? It really seems like somebody knew the money was there.

Tom Casady said...


Obviously has to be more to it. The criminals knew things in advance. Strikes me as some inside information. The investigation shall continue....

Anonymous said...

While this is my very first post to your blog, I have been a faithful reader for almost year....reading your blog several times a week. As a citizen of Lincoln I am thankful that you take the time to keep us informed in such an entertaining manner. Thank you also for introducing us to the Crime mapping link. I live in the Near South neighborhood and have had my eyes opened wide(r) a few times due to the activities of my neighbors.
I'll end with one more thank you.
You do a VERY good job.

Atticus said...

10:00- I am still here. Just haven't been moved to comment on anything lately. Ok, maybe once or twice but I resisted the urge to pile on. i.e. the Chief alluding to the possibility that an individual may be an idiot. Even though I could not do that while I'm on the job, I am not going to crucify the Chief for doing it in a blog. Sometimes you just have call it like it is.

CLS said...

As of today, you have 95 loyal subscribers to your RSS Feed.