Friday, October 10, 2008

Searching the Chief's Corner

There are well over 300 posts on The Chief's Corner so far, and I am loosing track of what I've already blogged about. I've been thinking about re-posting some older ones just to see if anyone notices. It could be a sort of "best of" series sometime when I'm suffering from writer's block.

I wanted to point out, though, the blogger search box, at the top-left of the masthead, just above the words "The Chief's Corner." Don't confuse it with your browser's search box on the toolbar. Put in a couple of key words, and all the posts containing those words will be returned. It's a handy tool I use often when I'm trying to find some tidbit that is lost in space. It doesn't search comments, though, only the posts themselves.


Anonymous said...

I think traffic accidents should be revisited. A good link.

I think official citations should be written even if it is no accident to cause the stop.

RINGO said...

I read an article about all of the monies allocated for Homeland Security being used by some a lot of smaller agencies to buy response vehicles etc., that now sit and storage having never been used and will likely never be used in the immediate future, while a lot of larger agencies would like to see that money go to fighting crime now in their own jurisdictions. Any comments on this or on local law enforcements role in Homeland Security?

Anonymous said...

Many of your old posts probably should be posted again, since many of the things you write about are always relevant, and there are always new readers out here. Keeping your garage door closed and locked, not making yourself and your property a soft target, keeping an eye on the neighborhood, and so forth.

You can just re-tune them with a timely twist, and they're as relevant as ever. Criminals keep doing the same things (with occasional variation), and many law-abiding citizens keep making the same mistakes, perhaps because after a period of personal safe living, they become complacent and let their guard down.

ARRRRG!!!! said...

There's plenty of fresh Pirate stuff out there.
Even for the ones easily offended.

Tom Casady said...


Trying to get me into a political boil, are you?

The cynical side of me has been known to say: "The primary difference is that now you have another bag of ____ to throw in your trunk."

The "good chief" side, however, realizes that Homeland Security initiatives have improved our communications interoperability, our emergency preparedness planning, and our physical protection infrastructure around certain facilities in the community.

Search the Chief's Corner for "TICP" (you won't actually need to include the quote marks), and you'll find an example. Like many chiefs, you sometimes wonder whether its always been the best use of $$, given all the stuff you need to do, but on the other hand, it's hard to argue that the TICP and the money spent on enhancning interoperability isn't a good thing.

I think the key is trying to use as much of the funding as you an in what has become known as an "all-crimes" or "all-threats" manner. This means acquiring equipment/technology or engaging in planning/exercising that helps you in a robbery, a traffic crash, AND (on a really bad day) a terrorist attack. Examples: communications infrastructure, hydraulic equipment for rescue operations, respirators, mobile command posts. You'll potentially use this stuff in a variety of scenarios, and get some day-to-day value as well.

Anonymous said...

With the media covering the recent fire of affirmative action, how about piece on how LPD has worked or not worked with affirmative action?

Anonymous said...

Lets re-visit the uniform issue... Are we getting new ones? Maybe all will have uniforms like the K9 officers have??? That would be GRRRRRREAT! Seriously though, these band uniforms gotta go, chief. please help.

Anonymous said...

When UNLPD had all those tire slashings reported the other day at the 14th & Avery garage, did you send them a note reminding them that Bradley Allen was back in circulation? I'm just saying that he seems to like that sort of nocturnal activity.

Anonymous said...

Come on ARRRG:

Can you at least get your humor attempts to the junior high level? Write a intellectual comment or don't write at all! This is a blog for adults.

Tom Casady said...


Got an extra $350,000 in your 401K you could spare?

ARRRRG!!!! said...

Okay 11:37..... Here's AN intellectual Pirate.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Anonymous said...

The Uniform allowance we already get would likely ourchase each of us 2 of the BDU style uniforms, and I'm guessing if we took a poll most OFc's would gladly purchase another set out of pocket, since being comfortable the 12 hours each day we wear these would make business better.. But, that's just in idea, I haven't crunched the numbers. What did the switch from Orange to yellow traffic vests cost?

Anonymous said...

A question I have wanted to ask Chief: What happens to "probable stolen" recovered property that is not claimed by anyone? I know recovered bicycles are sold at auction several times during the year but other items like firearms, electronics etc.?

Gun Nut

-js- said...

Maybe I'm out of touch but I don't see why this uniform issue is such a big deal.

If I were king for a day and had a few hundred thousand to spare, uniforms wouldn't crack the top ten on my wish list.

Tom Casady said...


Sold at public auction, as required by State law.

3:02 -
We were required by Risk Management to adopt a DOT Class II high visibility vest, our old ones did not comply, and the cost was approximately $30 ea. as I recall. That's half a pair of slacks. (would that be a "slack"?)

If you want BDUs (that's Battle Dress Uniforms--no crease, cotton/poly/nylon blend, elastic waist, bloused drawstring bottom), you'll need a new chief. Ditto for a baseball cap. I'm perfectly comfortable with a different style of trouser, though, as long as it looks sharp, wears well, holds it's shape, doesn't wrinkle like your pillowcase within the first 10 minutes, is adaptable to our variety of body styles, washes or cleans well, and is cost-effective in comparison to our current trouser. Likewise, I'm completely comfortable with a different color of shirt (my personal preference is navy), different leather gear, and a different jacket (I like light Gore-tex or equivalent, with a separate fleece liner, personally). I have the Uniform Task Force working on a redesign now, and have had for the past few months, just to get some sense of what's out there, and whether there is any remote chance of reaching anything close to a consensus on such an issue.

Even when they issue forth their recommendations, though, it's going to be a while before we find the funds. As I have repeatedly said: there may be some things we could phase in (leather, for instance, is already in that category and we are already doing so) but some things we can't. Look up the definition of the word "uniform."

We have a contract, and I can't just unilaterally decide to divert your uniform cleaning allowance to an alternate use. Nice of you to offer personally, though. It would cover about a third of the cost if everyone decided to just forego the allowance. I'd be more than happy to entertain a proposal at next year's table.

I have crunched the numbers. And I've reported on it twice in the Chief's Corner, most recently in the comments on March 25, 2008 and originally on August 9, 2007. That number is conservative (how many shirts and trousers to you have?) but with some creative spreading across budget years, I think we could do a new uniform with an initial outlay a little less than the total cost.

To reiterate: do you have an extra $350,000 to spare in your 401k?

Then would you please stop busting my chops over this? And while you're at it, I'd appreciate if you stop referring to the uniform a couple thousand officers have worn proudly as a "band uniform." The only significant difference between our uniform and that worn by most other urban police departments is the color of the shirt--which we share with several other U.S. agencies, including the Kansas City, Missouri police. I'm not that fond of it myself, but I'm growing tired of the derisive, derogatory references to something I've worn with pride.

Anonymous said...

Oohhh the uniform issue!! I'm tire of hearing that everyone wants BDU's. I DON'T. They look very unprofessional and we are not a military dept.
The new pants that are being tested now look aweful and easily wrinkled. The pants we have now can be washed and if taken out of the dryer right away, you don't have to iron them every wash cycle(for those of us that do iron still).
An easy way to settle this Chief is to make a decision like keeping the pants we have(most dept's strive to have quality pants like we have) and I have worn them for several years with no problems. For those that say the pants make you look chubby....Well you probably are and there are ways to fix that.
Change the shirt to navy and require ties to be worn with long sleeves. Your headaches would be done and you wouldn't have to revisit this over and over.
All yo would have to change is the shirts.

Anonymous said...

If you keep the pants we have now at least get rid of the stripe. That would even save some money. I really do like the idea of having a pocket I can put my ticket book in so I have my hands free. I don't think the BDUs are good either. I wouldn't require ties. That's just another expense and they are kind of like the stuff homeland security buys for us.... useless.

Tom Casady said...


"I wouldn't require ties."

Do you and I work at the same place? The $2 clip-on has been optional since the Reagan administration.

Anonymous said...

This doesn't have anything to do with uniforms, but in today's UNLPD incident 08004584...

"Non student observed vandalizing a building. Cited/Lodged (30 FTA's) for Criminal Mischief < $100. .192 BAC"

Here's my question: Why on Earth would you grant bond (and probably a cheap bond at that) to a guy that had failed to appear on 29 previous occasions? I know the court has to set some sort of bond, but by this stage, wouldn't they set it so high that he couldn't bail out? I sense that FTA warrant #31 in pretty much inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Re: Anon 9:10
I wear the test pants and if removed from the dryer promptly they DON'T wrinkle. I still iron mine anyway, along with my uniform shirt, with starch of course. I wear the pants all work week, hang them propertly and have yet to notice significant wrinkles. If your professionalism consists of wearing the tie, I'd assume you'd do the same.

Anonymous said...

Tonight I made a good choice and was not speeding. Also, It has been several weeks and I have not seen any drunk drivers on I-80. But tonight was my night.
Like on Jeopardy, I choose drivers license and registration for 200 and hit the daily double
I was following several cars on I-80 and I did not try to keep up with them like I do on occasion. I often exceed the speed limit. None of us do that, right? We figure that if radar is used then the lead car gets stopped. Tonight I was going the posted limit and was in a construction zone. I seldom, if ever, speed in a construction zone.

Tonight I had an encounter with NSP Sat at 0150 hrs at MM 411 on I-80.
I was surprised to learn my tail lights were out.
I was installing electrical equipment early Friday night and I had accidently broken a wire.
Very thankful to NSP as I was not aware I had no taillight. It is my responsibility to check my
lights and I had got out of the routine of checking my lights on occasion. I could have been rear
ended and killed by a speeding truck. So once again a BIG thank you to NSP #673 S. Velte
and LPD #807 Sergeant Ward for signing my defect ticket.

Anonymous said...

Those courtesy tickets that the State Patrol writes save untold lives. I drove big rigs for many years. D.O.T regulations require a driver to do a visual walk around inspection at the beginning of every day or when changing trailers or after loading. Over the years I was made aware of several situations by a vigilant officer that could have resulted in an accident.

One potentially fatal accident was prevented by an especially observant Nebraska State Patrol officer at North Platte many years ago. I had stopped at the big truck stop at Grand Island for the night and after breakfast and several cups of coffee I did my daily inspection and headed West on I-80. I pulled into a rest area somewhere around Gibbon IIRC to get rid of the coffee. I got back in the truck and headed West. The scales at N. Platte were closed. Just West of N.Platte a State Patrolman put the red lights on me. He told me I was about to lose my spare tire. Evidently somebody had cut my padlock and chain when I was in the restroom at the rest area. They must not have had enough time to get the tire out of the rack before I got back in the rig. If that tire would have bounced out of the rack and went across the median it could have been a disaster. Living with something like that would haunt any conscientious driver the rest of their life. So thanks for all of you officers that look out for the small things that could really be big things.

Gun Nut

Anonymous said...

To October 12, 2008 3:03 AM

You put the pants on all week?
Wow, I get yelled at by my partner when I have a shirt on for the third day. But pants for an entire week? I bet they jog down the street when you try to put them in the laundry on the seventh day.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that the K9 Officers uniforms look unprofessional??? I think they look sharp, and are durable. Why not outift the enitre dept in the same type as those they are already using?

LadyPuzzler said...

It has been a while since I have been able to read your blog (a couple month) but I thoroughly enjoy whatever you write about... being in the Midwest myself, most of the things you talk about don't make the news and unless you are involved with the police.... you don't know the little things. My FIL was a cop for 21 years and his stories are always entertaining and informative... and not something for the news. I like hearing where and to whom you speak to... I like reading about the "silly calls" and the triumphs... Post the old stuff with a new twist... anything and everything is informative in my mind.... And BTW, thanks for all your hard work and dedication.