Tuesday, October 28, 2008

BB gun vandalism

Friday, in the comments on The Chief's Corner , a reader asked if I could provide a map of BB/pellet gun vandalism in Northeast Lincoln. As much as I encourage people to roll-their-own crime maps using crimemapping.com or CrimeView Community, I am nonetheless happy to oblige. Here's the entire city for the month of October (61 offenses) and a zoom in on the Northeast Team area, where 35 of those occurred (click to enlarge).

The reader was interested in whether there was a "walking pattern" evident. It appears not. The greater likelihood is that the perpetrators were driving around in a car. It is unknown whether the cluster in southwest Lincoln is related to the cluster in the northeast. Most of the southwest cases were overnight on the 17th, and most of the northeast cases were overnight on the 21st and 22nd--although some are spread around during the month.

I've blogged about spree vandalism before. The losses can be very large. This year, the 261 BB gun vandalism cases have resulted in damage totalling $68,940. The Northeast Team dominates, with a huge lead in the totals for some reason.


Hunter said...

These crimes are frustrating. Isn't there a way to stop a spree sooner? In your previous blog you said to park in the driveway. Maybe I should put one of my deer stand cameras (the motion activated digital one) around my house. Perhaps, there is something more affordable. Regardless, we will be upgrading to a red brick mailbox soon.

Anonymous said...

Is there a typical suspect profile for BB/pellet gun vandalisms, based on your experiance and data from past LPD/LSO arrests/convictions? Will they usually have any prior felony arrests or convictions, or will their RAP usually be misdemeanor-only? Also, do the suspects usually live in the same area they target (no pun intended)?

Tom Casady said...

Hunter: Yes, catch the vandals. That's the tough part, though. Parking in your driveway significantly reduces the risk of vandalism to your car.


If you follow the link to my old post about spree vandalism, there will be a link there to a news story about a pretty typical case. Late teens to early 20's. As far as prior record, I think it's a mixed bag. The area targeted is normally not the same area where the vandal lives. Think of it like a doughnut: I don't want to commit crimes in own immediate neighborhood, because someone might recognize me, so there's a doughnut hole around my house.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see juvenile (and adult of course) conviction for 9.36.050 added to 9.36.100 (a), to give violating 9.36.050 some added, long-term bite.

Anonymous said...

Are paintball vandalism incidents spread across the team areas in roughly the same proportion as BB/Pellet gun vandalism incidents?