Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In the press

My early morning hobby, The Chief's Corner, isn't the only writing I do. There are a couple of articles in national police publications this month that I submitted over the summer. You'll recognize some similarities between past posts on The Chief's Corner and the content of these articles in the September issues of Law Officer, and The Police Chief.


Anonymous said...

Why are the call list not coming up? I clicked on Tuesday and
Daily Call Summary for TUESDAY, 10-14-2008
came up.

Thank you.

Tom Casady said...


We replaced the computer over the weekend. That's a pretty massive undertaking for a huge database. There are a lot of small glitches to work through. Give us a little while....

Anonymous said...

An officer cought a virus!

Tom Casady said...


All better now. Thanks Tim, Clair.


You're funny!

Anonymous said...

You wrote about robbery vs bike theft in your last post. Speaking of robbery, the recent incident A8-105873 seems quite bizarre. What I mean is that it sounds like an unusually organized way of stealing those items, when equal loot could have been had just looting unlocked cars in a parking lot somewhere. Robbery is a pretty serious offense, and that's sticking your neck out a long ways for consumer goods worth a few hundred bucks. Do you suspect that anything else was stolen, but not reported by the victim?

Tom Casady said...


Seems bizarre alright, that's for certain.