Wednesday, October 15, 2008

IACA conference

The International Association of Crime Analysts sent me on a very short trip to St. Petersburg, to serve as a presenter and Tuesday's keynote speaker at their annual conference. I appear to be the only police chief that is a member of the association, but I do not think of myself as a crime analyst. I'm a police officer who is comfortable with data, evidence, analysis, and information, but this certainly is not the focus of my professional life.

Some of the long-time members of the association refer to me as the "anti-chief." I think this is because they have met me in an environment totally different than that in which they interact with their own chief. I am not alone, and I associate with a group of like-minded chiefs.

My message to the crime analysts was one which is frequently revealed here in The Chief's Corner: focus on prevention; think outside the box; be an advocate for new approaches to crime, but be scrupulously honest in demanding evidence of effectiveness before you become an evangelist for something that sounds smart, but does not produce proven results. Always acknowledge the fact that you might be wrong. I try to practice what I preach, but it's incredibly difficult. That's one of the benefits of a blog that allows anonymous comments: if I've done it or said it, I better be able to either defend it or willing to abandon it.


Anonymous said...

Later that evening police went to a residence and arrested two suspects, Duckworth said. Bryan Malone, 21, and Jamil Hatcliff, 18, both of Lincoln, were jailed on suspicion of robbery

This individual, Malone, has been locked up for several years. He just got out a month ago. Malone is a cousin to Ron D. Also an abused kid. Some things never change. He has the rest of his life to look forward to in prison. Just not much hope for the have nots.

ARRRRG!!!! said...

I want to go along on one of your trips. I have my luggage packed. I'll even drive.

Stay in school.

Anonymous said...

There is no EVIDENCE that privately armed citizens commit more crimes, however there seems to be more cases in which armed law abiding citizen can stop crimes. (ie. Colorado Springs New Life Church, Pearl Miss High School) Or the daily updates of regular citizens who defend themselves with firearms:

We just don't hear these stories or the TRUE facts daily in the news media, as they choose to report the doom and gloom factor of everything.

Yet Chief Cassady you are always very outspoken against private citizens carrying firearms. Does following your standard of "demanding evidence before becoming an evangelist for something that sounds smart" apply with this topic?

Tom Casady said...


You're wrong.

I'm not opposed to law abiding citizens carrying guns. I have expressed reservations in the past about carrying those concealed. My only serious concern has been the inadequate criteria we use to define what constitutes a "law-abiding citizen." Still, despite the Swiss cheese loopholes in the law, these kinds of individuals and situations are rare, and not representative of the vast majority of citizens who apply for and receive concealed carry permits.

I'm not aware of any cases in which a citizen in Lincoln has defended himself or herself with a concealed firearm in the past 20 years. I have often told people about the only case I can recall where a private citizen used a concealed handgun to defend himself on October 11, 1980. A local bar owner on his way to make the night deposit shot and killed his assailant in an attempted robbery. When it inevitably happens again, I will certainly point it out if I'm around to do so.

Anonymous said...

To ANON 2:03-
The CO Srings New life church member that shot and killed the shooter was a former Minnesota Police Ofc and was working that day in a security capacity at the church. She identified herself as a Police officer prior to shooting the suspect. She was trained and knew how to react under pressure.
Joe or Jane citizen does not know how to react that way in similar situations. That's why Police and Military receive so much training to get our bodies prepared to react when the pucker factor hits a 10 and the average mind generally vapor locks.
Typically, the bad guy is prepared and sells out to the cause, and is ready to die. Joe or Jane citizen may not be as dedicated or obviously as well trained, thus acting merely as an opportunity for the bad guy to grab another gun on his killing spree, or worse off, maybe joe or jane shoots and kills an innocent by stander?? We should leave the gun toting to the hard core criminals and the well trained Law enforcement and miltitary. 'Nuff said.

Zen said...

I got two week range time and yearly qualification days in the Army-thats it. I would opine that other than wartime soldiers (rather than peacetime and non-infantry), civilian police officers receive much more weapon time than your average soldier does. Not everyone in the military is someone that I would want to be near if they had a weapon-they aren't all high speed infantry, you know. Not to rain on your HooAhh parade, but wearing green and standing in formation 80% of the time doesn't make someone weapons proficient and most soldiers think pucker factor is something that happens on pass.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope that 3:16 doesn't have a law enforcement commission, because I shudder to think that's what I'd be getting dispatched my way if I ever called 911. How much one would have to hate their job, to have that low an opinion of the people that they swore to serve and protect. I prefer to think the poster is just an anti-CCW civilian.

They might be surprised how many citizens and especially CHP holders are military vets, a healthy proportion of which may have had more tactical training and (in certain MOSs) had more rounds whip-cracking past their position in live-fire training than they might ever imagine.

Anonymous said...

I like Chris Rock's idea of selling bullets for $5,000 a piece. (public price, not Law Enforcement)

Anonymous said...

Another perspective


Gun Nut

Anonymous said...

So Chief, is it correct to say that you would rather citizens open carry in Lincoln?

3:16 - Of course the Police are superior to regular Joe and Jane citizens. Unfortunately the police rarely are there until after the fact, and are there just to pick up the pieces. I'm not downing the Police, just speaking the facts. Westroads mall, first officer was 6minutes out, he was too late.

The lady who stopped the church shooting in CO only worked for only 4 years as a Minneapolis Police Officer in the mid 90's, and was FIRED from that position in 1997. She was a CO licensed CCW permit holder. A regular citizen, who worked in law enforcement over 10 years ago. Did her extra level of training as a LEO benefit her, I'm sure it did. Police officers constantly go into the problems and have to be trained differently than citizens. Police officers are constantly interjecting themselves into conflict, the average citizen needs to train to defend an attack.

If this lady was the church shooter, would you be beating the same drum that she was a former LEO? Of course not, you would condemn her as a failed LEO who was fired from her job. And if the church shooter was a CCW permit holder, the news media would have a ball with it. CCW permit holders for the most part are responsible citizens. Are there some who are questionable? Absolutely. Are there some LEO's who have questionable histories? Absolutely.

Anonymous said...

To ANON 5:10
I am a military vet also, at any rate, I included military in there along with law enforcement as to who is trained and should be able to carry- re-read it.

Anonymous said...

Sure, 6:08, any large group will have a bad apple now and then, sometimes a really bad apple. Thankfully, LPD doesn't have to be as desperate in selection of recruits as do some of the largest cities' PDs.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 3:16,

You have just put your wel-being and that of your family entirely into the hands of persons who may not receive the call for several minutes and have a several minute response time. That is your choice... good luck.
As for the training these officers or military receive. I do have some knowledge in this area and can tell you that you are quite overconfident in generalizing the abilities of many of these people. The allotted training, due mostly to financial reasons, is set to the minimum standard. There are many officers that struggle every year to reach this. There is extra outside training available, as well as opportunities provided by the department for these officers to better themselves in this field but many do not seek it out.
My biggest concern for the private citizen in choosing to carry concealed, or simply to have a weapon at their home for personal protection is their realization of the liability they take on when they do so. There is training available for private citizens. I know many who have sought it out, maintain their skills, and believe they actually have a better mindset to prepare themselves for this type of confrontation than many officers I know.
I don't believe everyone should or is qualified to carry or use a firearm for self defense. I one chooses to do so, they need truly understand the liability they are undertaking. They need to seek out the proper training and maintain, both in the physical function of the weapon they choose to use, but also to understand the physiological and mental effects that may and likely will occur when confronted with a life and death situation. And maintain these skill sets.
This goes for non civilian personnel also!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Here's a small question, related to a very recent shooting arrest:

Wouldn't having been convicted of 3rd Degree Assault a little over 2 years ago prohibit possession of firearms in the City of Lincoln?

Anonymous said...

Oops, that was in Broken Bow, never mind.

Anonymous said...

How many hours of training and practice do police officers receive in a years time?

Compare that to the typical gun sports enthusiast. When I was living on an acreage I owned in the country I had my own target range set up in the back pasture. At that time I was reloading ammo for various calibers and buying .22 Long Rifle ammo by the case. I would probably spend more time with a weapon in my hand in a few weekends than the typical LEO does in a 30 year career.

In the past ten years I can recall one incident where there was an accidental shooting at a Public shooting range. I cannot recall if that was a fatality. However I can remember at least two training accidents at Nebraska Law Enforcement training ranges that have resulted in fatalities. Compare the safety records at civilian target ranges and that at Law Enforcement ranges and I think you will find the civilians have a far better record for safety.

The big difference is that most civilian shooters have a love of their sport and enjoy the activity. The typical Cop is at the range to meet the minimum requirements he needs to qualify for the job. That attitude can create a mental condition that cause a lack of attention to the task at hand. This comment is not meant to denigrate the shooting skills of all LEOs.

Gun Nut