Thursday, January 29, 2015

Turning the corner

There is a really nice in-depth reporting piece at that just came to my attention this week (tip 'o the hat to Deena Winter.) The subject is the changing Everett neighborhood immediately south of Lincoln's downtown.

The students did a great job on this project. The writing, research, and presentation is top-notch. One of the authors, Jacy Marmaduke, met with me a couple times last February and March as part of her research. It's fun to see the final product. Nice work by all!


Anonymous said...

This quote stood out, “You can be poor, but you can also be proud,” Skorupa said. “Some of them are getting it.”
Some of them do get it but many others don't. I just hope they are proud to be Americans, not some hyphenated version of an American.
Gun Nut

Anonymous said...

It reads a lot like a feel-good article; mostly anecdotal without much in the way of solid stats or demographic numbers. One notch up from a high school newspaper.

Anonymous said...

If a 17 year old has been cited for two Class II felonies, there is no legal prohibition against releasing their name, is there?