Friday, January 9, 2015

Suicide data part 1

I blogged a few weeks ago about the newest suicide prevention coalition in Lincoln, of which I am a member. The second meeting is coming up, and I volunteered to assemble some data. My IT staff extracted .csv files from the police records management system for me. I dropped these into an Excel workbook and attacked the data with pivot tables and filters, creating several charts, and a couple maps with ArcGIS for the coalition. I've invested about four hours in this project.

There weren't any big surprises for me, but it is rather interesting to examine this over such a long period, and may be informative to the other coalition members. The four charts below show the year-by-year trend over the past two decades for completed and attempted suicides. These data show that attempts are relatively flat despite a population increase of over 60,000, while completed suicides and trending up.

The group is focusing on young people in the age range of 10 through 24. As a result, I have broken out charts specifically for that age group in addition to the overall data. I'll publish a few more next week, so this will be a series of about four posts. If you click on each graph, you will get a larger version that is easier to read.


Tom Casady said...

I just noticed that after lollygagging around through November and December without much to say, I've actually posted five times this week. I need to pace myself!

Anonymous said...

Keep um coming Director. It makes my coffee much better in the morning.
Gun Nut

Anonymous said...

I was worried the recent lack of posting may mean the end of the blog. Glad to see it isn't so.

2013 and 2014 seemed to be a bad time for the 10 to 24 year olds.

Anonymous said...

Could you add a chart for months of the year over the 20 year period, and how about time of day too.

Tom Casady said...


I will nclude month-of-year next week. I won't be able, though, to produce a time of day chart, because in most cases the time is not known--rather, it is a range of hours or even days.