Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sucide data part 3

The next data in this short series depicts the age groups and gender breakdown for suicide and suicide attempted reported to the Lincoln police over the past 20 years. It might be good to consider that suicide is probably much more consistently identified and reported to the police than attempted suicide, which may or may not come to the attention of the police. Most notable to me is the difference in the gender of suicide compared to attempted suicide. Click each chart for a larger view.


Nebraskim said...

Are you going to look at how folks attempted/completed suicides (such as guns, hanging, carbon monoxide, drug OD)? I am wondering whether mens' completion rates are due to the method they choose. I have heard that men often choose guns; women choose less messy (and less certain) methods, like drug ODs.

Tom Casady said...


Method is coming up later this week. And yes, about half of the male suicides in Lincoln over the past 20 years were with firearms, and only 16% of the female suicides. Conversely, female suicide victims dies of overdose in 47% of the cases, while men only 10%.

Also big difference by gender in hanging: men 47%, women 16%.

Anonymous said...

IIRC there were at least two incidents of jumpers from downtown parking structures. Is jumping fairly common? I am guessing it isn't. I'll wait till later in the week to see.
Gun Nut