Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Nice job Mom and Dad


Steve said...
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Anonymous said...

Nice job mom and dad.

Anonymous said...

Parenting done right.

Tom Casady said...

I sent this youngster a letter yesterday:

"I received the very thoughtful letter you sent me last week. I am glad that you have learned that it is best to tell your mom when you have done something you regret. Sometimes we do things we wish we could take back, but the important part learn from these mistakes. I can tell from your letter that you understand that you should only call 911 when there is an emergency.

Are you excited about school starting soon? We are very busy planning for the start of the school year, the opening of the new arena downtown, and for all the people who will be coming to Lincoln for University of Nebraska football games this fall. I don't know about you, but the summer has gone by very fast for me!

Thank you very much for writing me. I really appreciate it when someone takes the time to write a letter like this, and you and I can both consider this matter to be settled with no hard feelings. In fact, I think we are now officially friends!"

Anonymous said...'s what the world needs more of. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. Super proud of this mom and dad who decided to teach their child accountability for his actions.

I am quite certain that he learned a valuable lesson. More importantly, he is teaching a valuable lesson to everyone who reads this.

It's a good day!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Casady,

Your return letter really touched my heart. So many children that get involved in crime as adults grow up with the thought that police officers are out to get them and there are many officers that have an air of superiority just because they wear the badge.

Your letter is really touching because you understood the child and showed him compassion when he made a mistake. He sounds pretty remorseful and your letter reflected that although it was wrong what he did, that he can learn from this mistake and apply it to other areas in his life. Also, by friending him, he now feels like he has an ally and he has a better chance at not breaking the law in the future and perhaps he might become an officer someday.

I also think it is great that his parents had him go through the steps of writing the letter and made it harder for him to move on. He had to work pretty hard to ask for forgiveness and the issue wasn't swept under the rug. This is one of the many reasons why I love Lincoln and enjoy living here. The people are wonderful.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Tom: I agree with Anon 9:58 that your letter to this child was wonderful. Thank you for responding to this child with understanding and compassion. Your kind and respectful response surely salved his/her embarrassment, restored his/her dignity and taught him/her a far greater lesson than coming down with some giant pompous club. Well done.
Thank you for representing our city with such grace and professionalism.

LakotaRose said...

I think it was a good idea that the parents made him write that letter. The kids of this generation need to learn accountability for their actions. Thumbs up to the parents, good job!

Michaela Dvorak

Susan Achterberg said...

Great job #1 to the parents!! He knows better now!! #2, the kiddo did a great job even if the letter was written under duress. #3, Chief Cassidy, what a nice letter in return. This young person understood your perspective and forgiveness, plus learned you are a person #1 and #2 that you are interested in him and his life. He shouldn't be so frightened if he sees an officer again... unless he did wrong.... :)

Anonymous said...

Outstanding. I love to see a little old school in dealing with issues like this.

Anonymous said...

Mom and Dad are good parents! Everyone needs to be held accountable for their actions.

Anonymous said...