Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Latest view

In my series of posts a few weeks ago on oblique aerial imagery I mentioned that Lincoln would soon be receiving new images to replace the series shot in 2010. That happened yesterday, as the new set was delivered to the City by Pictometry, the firm we contracted with for the 2013 aerial photography.

These new images not only update the rapidly-changing skyline of the City, but they are also shot at even higher resolution than the 2010 images.  Moreover, the City of Lincoln is now part of a consortium of governmental entities in Nebraska and western Iowa that collaborated on the project, and can now access one another's imagery.

Here are two examples. First, a view of Union Plaza in Lincoln, viewed from the west across 21st Street. This would have been little more than a ditch in the 2010 images.  Now, it has grown a big head. Second is a view of TD Ameritrade Park in downtown Omaha.  I believe that would be the Creighton and Southern Illinois on the field. This would have been a busy construction site in the 2010 imagery.


Anonymous said...

Sorry the first picture is wrong there is not picture of me sitting by the fountains with my bike im there every day so surely there is a mistake!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should use it to determine all the street trees that need to be trimmed perhaps?

Tom Casady said...


But were you there at about 1:30 PM on Thursday, March 28, 2013?