Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bad day for traffic safety

Two serious crashes yesterday morning punctuated a bad day for traffic safety in Lincoln. The first was near SW 40th and O Streets shortly after 2:00 AM, when an eastbound motorist collided with a bicyclist who was also eastbound, critically injuring the rider.

The second occurred at about 4:50 AM, when a southbound vehicle on S. 70th Street lost control, smashed into a utility pole and burst into flames, killing the driver.

I was headed out for my morning bike ride at about the same time the second crash on occurred, around a mile from my home. I heard the sirens, but had no idea what had happened.

The cyclist that was severely injured yesterday had been wearing a helmet, and using lights (although I don't know what type). Nothing works 100 percent of the time, but helmets really do save lives, and good lights are also critical safety equipment.

My prayers are with the families and friends of these victims


Anonymous said...

I assume that since it was reported that LPD suspected the Camaro driver had consumed alcohol before the collision, they are waiting for Mr. Casteel's blood test results, as well as a more definite condition on the bicyclist. It's important to realize that citations do not always need to be issued on the spot, but can be issued some time later.

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What were they planning? 0110 call to lpd, officer contacts one individual at 0120, but two others appear here in the video they vanish prior to LPD contact with cell man.. Two were hiding in the bushes unknowing to me at the time.

Anonymous said...

DPS Casady,

See B3-064574 for a relevant name.