Thursday, November 8, 2012

Slammed with spam

My blog has been crippled this week by a huge attack of spam comments.  While the flood has subsided somewhat, I still may have to turn on word verification, if this continues.  I have avoided doing so in the past because I think it is a hassle for readers, but at the rate this is going, I'll have to do something soon.

I've spent my usual blogging time in the early morning this week upgrading my home computer to Windows 8, which has certainly been a journey.  It's running happily now, though, and I am actually enjoying a nice improvement in performance over Windows Vista.  The boot time is much better, and it feels to me like Windows 7 with a skin.  The new interface is becoming less annoying as the week progresses. The performance improvement has been worth the pain.

Pardon my lapse in posts this week, and I'll get back to business shortly. 


ARRRRG!!!! said...

Of course my version of Windows is pirated.

Steve said...

Aaahhhh, new operating systems; you can't live with 'em, but you can't live without 'em.

Anonymous said...

You know what they say about ol' dawgs and new tricks. I am just now getting used to Windows XP after ten years. No new stuff for this old dog. BTW I still like my revolvers over any of the fancy schmancy semi autos of today.

Gun Nut

Anonymous said...

Word verification is no problem Tom, Might as well use it...MDD