Friday, November 30, 2012

Project Extra Mile

Project Extra Mile is a Nebraska non-profit organization that advocates strategies to prevent underage drinking. On Wednesday, I attended their annual recognition dinner in Omaha. Three Lincoln residents were among the honorees recognized for their contribution to the mission of Project Extra Mile: Beverly Neth, the Director of the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles; Fred Zwonechek, Administrator of the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety; and Vince Powers, an attorney in private practice.

Diane Ribbe, the executive director, is leaving Nebraska to accept a similar position in North Carolina. She has been an especially effective advocate during the past 17 years, and she rightfully enjoyed the accolades of all in attendance. She has been a particularly effective leader, teacher, lobbyist, organizer, and leader, and will certainly be missed.

One of speakers remarked about her laser-like focus on an environmental approach to underage drinking prevention, which is considerably different than the individual approach that people usually associate with such efforts. I will have more to say on that difference next week.

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Steve said...

Seems odd to equate a laser-like focus with an environmental approach; can't wait to hear more.