Monday, October 11, 2010

Number 8: Shady Sheedy

8. John Sheedy

Saloon and gambling house owner John Sheedy was gunned down outside his home at 1211 P Street in January, 1891. Prominent in Lincoln’s demiworld, Sheedy’s case became the talk of the town when his wife, Mary, and her alleged lover and accomplice, Monday McFarland, were arrested. Both were acquitted at trail. The Sheedy murder is chronicled in a great interactive multi-media web site, Gilded Age Plains City, an online version that builds upon an article published in 2001 by Dr. Timothy Mahoney of the University of Nebraska.

The Sereies:


Anonymous said...

Chief-As I read the account of this crime, my suspicious mind immediately reacted to "sleeping powders" being administered. Too bad they didn't have current day forensics.


Former Deputy D said...

Fascinating reading! When I have more time I will have to go back and read the document links provided for additional information. The term gunned down?-(Struck three times with a leather-covered steel cane)- It appears only John Sheedy fired any shoots during the assault, unless the use of the phrase in this era means, "taking of ones life/gunned down." With the ability to lift finger prints and the use of DNA testing of today, I quess other means, "locked in a dark, airless "sweatbox" in order to get confessions is a thing of the past. ;)

Steve said...

I'm sorry Chief, but apparently the murder of a "shady" character doesn't spur a lot of sympathy or concern. Or, perhaps you've gotten a lot of comments, and just not posted them yet.

Anonymous said...

How interesting, even if the story involves a "shady" character. I love history, especially Lincoln's history and am always open to learning more about it.

Tom Casady said...

Gun Nut-

Don't get ahead of me, here, OK?

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that is on the list.

Gun Nut

Anonymous said...

The most historically interesting part of the case was that Monday an African American man. The website is really really cool.