Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Number 10: On the bench

This is the second post in a series "Crimes of the Times"--my opinion on the ten most significant crimes in Lincoln's history.
10. Judge William M. Morning
District Court Judge Morning was murdered in February, 1924. He was shot on the bench by an unhappy litigant in a divorce case. His court reporter, Minor Bacon, was also shot, but a notebook in his breast pocket deflected the bullet and saved his life.

The Sereies:


Anonymous said...

In 1928, I was still a "Lil Squirt"
But I can say it was a time when owning a toaster made you one of the few, the proud, the haves.
As for the have nots, not much has changed. Other than lots of Govt giveawys to help China's loan profits and soon even China will see us as unworthy of more loans.
So in 82 years even the use of a gun in a court room has not ended. The entry area of most court house's today have those smiling and freindly Walmart
type greeters. And the metal detection wands help a bunch to keep our legal system safe.. But in the end, a person bent on attacking someone will find a way, at least the accounts of news articles support this view.
Another night of all night barking dog!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a classic example of "They don't make 'em like they used to"!
Where can I purchase of of those bullet-deflecting notebooks?

Anonymous said...

I wish Jim J would get his own blog so we don't all have to listen to his ramblings......who cares!

Anonymous said...

That little notebook was worth major bacon.

Steve said...

You have to get the Kevlar notebooks.

Tom Casady said...


1. Relax.

2. He does.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your induction into the Nebraska Law Enforcement Hall of Fame. I know you are probably to modest to bring such attention to yourself, but I think your readers deserve to know. Great job, well deserved!

From the KOLN channel 10 website, 10-5-10:

The Police Association of Nebraska Hall of Fame has a new member, and it's Lincoln Police Chief Tom Casady. Casady was inducted into the Hall of Fame Tuesday evening in Kearney.

According to the nomination letter sent to the Police Association of Nebraska, Chief Casady has had a distinguished law enforcement career, and has contributed greatly to law enforcement internationally, nationally, within Nebraska and in his hometown of Lincoln.

His law enforcement career began in 1974, with the Lincoln Police Department. He achieved the rank of lieutenant in 1986 just before leaving in 1987 to be the Chief Deputy of the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office. In 1991, he became the Lancaster County Sheriff replacing Sheriff Ron Tussing and was subsequently appointed Chief of Police for Lincoln in 1994.

The nomination letter cites Casady's many contributions, including being recognized nationally as a police executive that uses information technology to funnel more information directly to officers on the street.

The nomination was made by Assistant Police Chief Jim Peschong and others at the department.

Anonymous said...

October 6, 2010 10:11 AM: I have my own blog, and you are welcome even with your painfull corns.

ARRRRG!!!! said...

No good cop, pirate or court reporter goes anywhere without their trusty notebook.

Anonymous said...

OT, but put 'em in the back seat next time, son! Considering why they decided to take another look at the vehicle, I'm surprised that SOP didn't dictate cuffing and caging.

Anonymous said...

So the shooting took place in the Morning-Bacon courtroom?

Anonymous said...

Congradulations Chief that is great and you do deserve it I am so glad that they have done that you have done a great job with the force.
I am sure things are still rough around town but not as bad. Great job back in March hats off to your men and women.