Monday, April 19, 2010

They will steal anything

The price of copper continues to rise.  I didn't need any research to tell me that the price is up: the Incident Reports are evidence enough.  When the thefts are up, that is a reflection of climbing prices for scrap metals.  thieves will steal anything, but the preference is for stuff that is value-dense:  it has a lot of worth for it's weight and bulk. 

Sgt. Grant Richards brought two cases to my attention last week in which thieves had cut the valve and copper pipe standing above the ground from an underground sprinkler system.  The would be a major pain in the drain for the owner faced with the repair, but the copper and brass would net the criminal a few bucks at the scrap yard.  I think we can expect to see more of this--in fact, I imagine we already have: not all crime is reported, after all. 


Anonymous said...

Here's another one, from up the road. Teener prices must be going up too.

Anonymous said...

Some of us remember the unmistakable yell of the "GOT ANY CANS" guy. You could set your watch by him. We got quite a laugh each time. We buy cans and do not sell them or give them away. Even though we told him this each day, we could count on the loud " GOT ANY CAAAAANS"
Then with a smile on his face, away into the world of cans the can man went.
He has been replaced with guys with saws, cutters and other tools. The shopping cart is indeed missed.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this guy made bail, and got right back to his old tricks. He's out running around now, isn't he?

Adam said...

The Dark Figure of crime

Anonymous said...

Hey this is OT, but the crimemapping service is going nuts this morning. I've received about 10 messages about the same crime on NW4th & Cuming. Maybe someone could contact them about why they're sending out the same message so many times?