Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Award of Excellence

Every year, the Mayor recognizes an outstanding City employee with the Mayor’s Award of Excellence.  This year’s winner was announced to the public yesterday.  He is Lincoln police officer Jason Brownell.  Jason was honored for the work he did during 2009 in organizing and producing a drug and alcohol prevention forum at Northeast High School (Go Rockets).

Jason works at Northeast as the school resource officer, one of many assignments he has held during his 10-year career.  He has developed a great rapport with students and staff, as evidenced by the attendance of around 300 students at the event he organized. I was one of the panelists on the stage, but I’ve got to say that the highlight had nothing to do with the program: rather, it was seeing the interaction going on between Officer Brownell and the students.  The respect is evident, as is the friendship. 

Congratulations, Jason, on an honor well-deserved. 


Anonymous said...

Well done Jason! From what I hear you can give the Chief a run for his money for top Orator at LPD.

Russ said...

This is the same guy that moved into my house when he was a recruit and within a day and put his head through the living room wall trying to do yoga. He has come a loooonnnnggg way. Congrats Jason!!

"G" said...

Congratulations Jason. I am not suprised at all by this success. You have always had a history of giving your best.

Anonymous said...

off the subject... chief can you coment on these late night after hours on the "rooftop"


looks like a public dance and dj and beer.... is there door men? ID checkers... is it private property?? or what the exacts are on it????

if it is legal that others need to get on the boat especially in this economy....


Anonymous said...

If this is the same program that was broadcast, Jason DID a great job! One could tell he was making a connection with his audience and he seemed very comfortable in that setting. Jason's great to work with!

Anonymous said...

Well deserved. Chief, I was wondering if any other officers from the department have won the Mayor's Award of Excellence in the past and if so who/what/when/where/why? I think it's nice that officers are rewarded for the work they do on a daily basis.

Tom Casady said...


Yes, many. Last year's monthly Mayor's Awards of Excellence included:

Sgt. Greg Sorenson
Ofc. Steve Wiese
Ofc. Jeff Urkevich and K-9 Jake

The Annual Award winner last year was:
Ofc. Cindy Koenig Warnke

Anonymous said...


B0-033201 - I didn't know that was classified as a weapon; is that a local ordinance prohibiting concealment of such?

Anonymous said...

What was the item in B0-033201?