Wednesday, February 17, 2010

President’s Day

Monday was President’s Day, so I thought it might be a good week to post some information about Presidential visits to Lincoln. I remember Richard Nixon stopping by a pep rally at the Coliseum during my senior year in high school, and Gerald Ford was the commencement speaker at my college graduation a few years later. I wasn’t around, however, when President Benjamin Harrison paid a visit to Lincoln in May, 1891, and was toured about the City by Chief Dinges and his officers on horseback:


Wonder what the overtime bill for that came to.


ARRRRG!!!! said...

I don't think Bush/Cheney ever needed to come here but I was kind of surprised McCain and/or Obama didn't come here during the election.

Dave said...

Chief, this is totally unrelated to this topic, but I wanted to ask about the radios the City and County use.

As you may know, re-banding is a project underway for the last couple of years. It is moving cell phone and public safety (and old analog television) frequencies around, to make more room for cell phone service, and to provide interference free communications on Public Safety freqs.

My question is this, is the City and County going to have to re-band, or will the freqs stay pretty much as they are?

Thanks for any info you are able to provide

Anonymous said...

The current system is an EDACS trunking system.

Anonymous said...

Wow that Chief Dinges had elegant handwriting.