Friday, February 12, 2010

New stuff

I had a fun speaking engagement yesterday, addressing this year's class of Fellows in Leadership Lincoln, a great program that has been helping develop civic-minded leaders in this community for 25 years. Their day long seminar this month focused on public safety, and I had a one hour slot at 9:00 AM. I had been asked to talk a little bit about new technology in policing, and I came prepared with a four-slide PowerPoint. Not only was it only four slides, the slides contained a total of nine words--and that included the title: New Stuff.

My presentation was the story of four technology developments either recently implemented or in progress at LPD. Nothing particularly dramatic, but all current, and all significant. I took along my favorite prop as an ice breaker, then proceeded to cover topics that I've hit on before here in the Chief's Corner: ALPR, the Crimestoppers blog, the Omega Dashboard, Threshold Alerts, and the general concept of using push in information systems, rather than pull. I also briefed the Fellows on our digital evidence project (a topic for a future blog post), and an idea that popped into my head a couple of months ago I hope to be working on soon--also a topic for a future post (I hope.) Leadership Lincoln Fellows are always bright, engaged, energetic and thoughtful. Interacting with the class is a bright spot of upbeat energy.

Ditto for our own "fellows," and my week had started out on Monday in the classroom at the Lincoln Police Academy, teaching my regular full day class to the recruits on Information Resources--a nice warm up for this chat with the Leadership Lincoln class.

Speaking of the recruits, when I started doing this class several years ago, I used to ask everyone at the beginning: "Who had an email address of their own before we hired you?" This was my way of getting a quick feel for the level of technology comfort and experience of the students. The question seems rather absurd today. Now, I ask: "Who does not have a broadband Internet connection at home?" Not a single hand went up among the 18 students. I was, however, surprised that a few people raised their hand when I asked: "Does anyone have a land line telephone?"


Anonymous said...

The DSL broadbanders would all have a land-line, regardless of whether or not they elected to plug in a hard-wired phone.

Anonymous said...

Chief: I vividly remember your visit to my Leadership Lincoln class and to others that you visited when I was doing some programming work for the organization. You do a great job.

The ride alongs and other activities the fellows get to experience are such eye openers for many of them, as they live pretty insular lives and have no idea of the stuff that goes on in Lincoln and the stuff you and your team encounter each day.

Several years ago, a group of LL fellows did a ride along on a night when things got way out of hand at a wedding and a full detail of officers was needed to break up fights, etc. The class was aghast.

I remember saying, "Really? The police didn't have to come to your wedding? You folks just don't know how to party."

Anyway, thanks for being so accessible and interested in this type of activity.

Anonymous said...

crimemappers indicates a small war going on in the 700 block of so. 31 on the 10th and 11th--I'd say just 2 people involved. Am curious to know how that came out. Any arrests made, any treaties signed. What a wonderful way to show affection for bf or gf.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you didn't ask; "Who doesn't have GPS, IPOD, TABLET, A TWITTER acct, etc. I would have raised my hand.

Anonymous said...

Chief-I just visited a communications supplier to retrieve a part and the guy had a bag-phone AND a brick-phone on display. Tried to buy the brick phone but no luck. Sorry I missed you the other day.


Trevor Brass said...

4 slides? There's a lesson that should be headed by many others, PowerPoint(Less) is a ridiculous substitute for good public address.

Anonymous said...


B0-014447 - street robbery or HIR? The Magic 8-ball says HIR, and for the follow-up question, it said...well, you know.

Tom Casady said...


Niether, domestic. Time to tune-up the 8 Ball?

Watchful said...

It is interesting to note all the misconceptions by the general pubic about what LEO do every day. The media seems to be working to better inform the public about some of the crap officers have to deal with, but the comments in response to a 'kudos for an officer doing his/her job' story, like this one,

leave me in perpetual dispair about the mindset of our community.
I applaud your effort Chief, to keep us informed and in the loop (as much as possible) about how you are attacking crime using proactive means.

Tom Casady said...


Looks like they must have pulled the comment you are referring to, but I can imagine....

Anonymous said...


Thanks, I'll look into it. I believe that the the original 8-Balls were filled with mineral oil, and seemed more accurate. Now, they fill them with water, which bubbles easier and throws off their hunchativity.