Friday, September 4, 2015

Another brutal day looms

Tomorrow is the University of Nebraska Cornhusker's home opener against Brigham Young University at Memorial Stadium here in Lincoln. The weather forecast calls for highs in the mid-90s, humidity around 50%, and a dew point of around 70 degrees. Kickoff is at 2:30 PM, the heat of the day. That, friends, is about as bad as it gets. The temperature inside the stadium will be even worse.

The police officers directing traffic will be soaking up the heat from black asphalt. Having done that for 13 consecutive seasons, I can assure you that they will not be having a pleasant game-day experience. I remember the soles of my shoes one year, literally melting into the pavement. It's worse now. Body armor and traffic vests weren't around in 1974, and the stadium capacity was far smaller.

Lincoln's firefighters will be swamped with hundreds of patients who are overheated, dehydrated, and ill. Some of them will be suffering the combined effects of the heat and too much pre-loading. There will be vomit, lots of vomit. Among the unwell throngs will be a few people with really serious medical issues that need the expert attention of our EMTs and paramedics followed by transport to the hospital.

The public safety personnel who plan and manage our part of the festivities have done all the preparation reasonably possible, but a repeat of 2013 is almost certain, and by 6:00 PM, there will be a lot of exhausted police officers and firefighters. Oh, and most will be looking forward to a regular shift afterwards, and it won't exactly be a quiet Saturday night.

If you're at the game or in the neighborhood, be nice to them. Thank them for their service. Have a look at this list and this list on Sunday morning, and you'll understand that it was a tough day for the public safety personnel.


Anonymous said...

It's always nice to hear a "thank you for your service" from people while directing traffic. The thing not to do is ask an officer questions in the middle of the intersection that has a whistle in his mouth flapping his arms. We always get the person that stops in the middle of the crosswalk to ask "where is the so and so hotel and how do I get there?" Don't mean to be rude but you should have planned that out in advance.
Oh, it's also nice to have those "smarter than the cops and traffic engineering that have been doing football traffic for 20 years" explain to ofc's, again in the middle of the intersection with a whistle in mouth, how it would better work for traffic if they just changed this or that. All the while being intoxicated and in their educating mindset.
Leave the traffic guys alone. Say thank you if you want but they don't have time for small talk.

Anonymous said...

but, a good time was had by all.....

Anonymous said...

It's belated...but... THANKS!!!!

Robert Carnazzo said...

Don't forget all the Red Cross First Aid Services Team that provided the first response to all those people needing help in the Stadium and got them down to the First Aid Stations and LFR.