Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Strat plan at hand

We're at the Municipal Services Center out by the airport this morning, with labor and management from Lincoln Fire & Rescue participating in a half-day strategic planning session.  This one is professionally facilitated by John Beranek.

A good discussion is taking place on how we can do a better job collaborating to move the organization along towards our key goals. I wish there were ways, in this day and age, to step back from our daily work more often, and take a deeper dive into the bigger issues.

I don't think I'm alone: the issue just came up from across the room!


Anonymous said...


It will be easier to step back from our daily work, once the City hires more officers. Now, it seems that we are so busy, we are treading water to stay on top of the daily work and it seems we are just doing what we can not to go under.

Anonymous said...

Has the penalty for impersonating a police officer become even more paltry under the recent pro-criminal sentencing reductions enacted by the Unicameral? Could this be a reason why that silver 2008 Crown Vic owned by A.W. is still trying to pull people over, because he knows the wrist slap will be even softer? I guess someone "important" has to be murdered by someone like that before they make impersonating an LEO a felony in this state...

Tom Casady said...


No, it isn't more paltry, but certainly paltry: a Class 1 Misdemeanor. Conviction wouldn't even bar you (under state law) from acquiring a firearm or a concealed carry permit. It should be a Class 4 Felony, minimum.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised, because they sure reduced some sentences quite a bit.

"It should be a Class 4 Felony, minimum."

Agreed - why Class 4? Simple, because even after an unfortunately inevitable plea deal, the conviction should still be a felony, not a misdemeanor. No one that commits this offense does so with entirely good intentions, and they often have the very worst of intentions, including the violent death of the victim.