Thursday, March 5, 2015

Public safety information

On April 7, Lincoln residents will vote on a ballot proposition to establish a quarter cent sales tax for three years. This proposition would fund two public safety projects: replacement of the aging public safety radio system, and construction of four new fire stations (one a joint police and fire station) to serve a growing community.

This morning, the City is unveiling a website to provide citizens with information about these projects: The site features several short videos of firefighters and law enforcement officers explaining the importance of the radio system and the importance of a four minute travel time to life-threatening emergencies. These videos were produced by the Citizen Information Center, and run from one to 7.5 minutes.

I appreciate Scott, Todd, Jeff, Dan, and Brent participating in these. They did a great job describing the need, completely without a script. And thanks to Jami, Justin, and the rest of the staff at the CIC for their editing work and spinning up a nice site with a lot of good information.

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Anonymous said...

Great video! Very informative from the user's needs.