Thursday, March 26, 2015

Not the first time

The Lincoln Police Department and Lincoln Fire & Rescue are planning on co-locating into a joint facility somewhere in southeast Lincoln, where a fire company and the police officers of the Southeast Team will share a station serving both agencies. This project is among those funded by a proposed three year, quarter cent sales tax that will appear on the ballot at the April 7, 2015 City primary election.

These two projects appeared separately in the City's capital improvement program until a couple of years ago, when they were merged. We think that it makes good sense to combine these facilities, in order to save the architectural fees, land acquisition, and infrastructure such as paving, footings, and HVAC which would be necessary for separate facilities. It will also facilitate a good working relationship between LPD and LF&R.

As this description from 1886 demonstrates, it's certainly not the first time the two public safety agencies have shared a common home base (click to enlarge.)


Anonymous said...

They got this tax increase proposal on the primary ballot, instead of the general election ballot, because AFSCME and NSEA turnout would be most effective there. There are other unions, but those two are the biggest dogs in the pound.

Same reason they did it in a local election instead of on the ballot for the 2014 congressional election. Government employee union turnout is least effective in elections with high overall voter turnout - and that's why it's on this primary ballot, to give it the best chance of passing.

I'd like to see the state constitution amended to require that all local, county, and state bond issues and tax increase proposals be placed on a federal/congressional election ballot, not on a special or local election ballot. Cities and counties would lobby against such an amendment, kicking and screaming.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if "muck raker" was part of the job description of the 1880s firefighter?
Gun Nut

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:14 you are trying to regulate apathy?

Anonymous said...

Will the cops get to warm the recliners when the firefighters actually take a call?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 5:24PM... Only if they do not watch the TV while they are keeping the recliners warm!