Thursday, November 14, 2013

No reason not to

I had a speaking engagement yesterday at the Lincoln Realtors Association. It's one of five I have this week, all with different topics. For this one, I told the realtors about the value of, our public crime mapping application from the Omega Group. Of particular interest to real estate agents, I would think, is crime alerts--the feature that provides the ability to sign up for automatic email alerts when one of these selected crimes is reported within proximity to the address you have selected.

I know I've blogged about this on a few past occasions, but this is my annual push to remind as many people as possible that this services is available at no cost. I love crime alerts. I am subscribed to the area within 500 feet of my own home address, my son's home in Lincoln, and my daughter's home in Omaha. Even though I have plenty of access to the police records management system, I simply would miss some of these crimes due to the sheer volume of what goes on in Lincoln on a typical day, were it not for crime alerts.

Crime alerts are a great way to learn about crimes in your immediate surroundings. In my case, a little more awareness of the kinds of crimes that occur in my neighborhood has caused me to change two habits in a way that makes it less likely I will be a victim--again.

Sign up. Spread the word. If you live in an area covered by, which includes hundreds of cities and counties, there is no reason not to.


Anonymous said...

I've been a subscriber for about 5 years, and think it's the greatest. I moved from the Woods Park area to college view about 4 years ago, and am happy to say the reports are fewer and further between now, tho we've had some interesting ones in our neighborhood, too.

smk52 said...

Thank you for the heads up. I really appreciate it. I am a senior living at 10th and O.

smk52 said...

Thank you for the heads up and the link. I am a senior and live at 10th and O Streets.

Steve said...

I've been getting crime alerts for some time now, too. Just yesterday, I saw two crimes reported on my block. I sure wish they had an actual address. I own the duplex next door to me, and it would be nice to know if that is where the crimes were committed.

Anonymous said...

"I sure wish they had an actual address."

Just click the "map it" link and look at the "labelled satellite" view. The icon will be on the incident-relevant property.

Steve said...

Anon 9:09

Thank you for the tip. I had gone to the "map it" page, but never noticed it had the satellite view. Now I know it was my renters who were involved in an assault and a vehicle larceny. I'm assuming it had to do with a grandson who has been trouble over there before. His grandma doesn't put up with bad behavior, so hopefully, he won't be back.