Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fleet well managed

I was part of a budget meeting last Wednesday afternoon in which fleet managers Jim Chiles from the public works department, and Pat Wenzl from the police department briefed the Mayor on the status of our large and small fleets (respectively) and the plans for the upcoming biennial city budget. Vehicles, equipment, and fuel are a sizeable chunk of the City budget, and the Mayor wanted to be well informed of the status, issues, and plans relating to the City's fleet services, which range from dozens of string trimmers, to scores of police cruisers, to the big stuff: bucket trucks, snowplows, front-end loaders, and so forth.

These two managers did a great job in laying out the information relevant to our elected officials and decision-makers. The professionalism with which they are managing some of the City's most important and expensive assets is obvious. Kendall Warnock, Chief of Logistics at Lincoln Fire and Rescue was absent--in the middle of moving the fire department's maintenance facility from it's former location at 3rd and South Streets to the Municipal Services Center across town--but I am also impressed by his skill in management of the fire apparatus (among many other responsibilities.)

Rest assured that the three people managing the second-largest ticket on the City budget (the first is personnel) are professionals who have wide-angle vision, and are creatively implementing practices that minimize costs without impairing the level of service. 


H said...

Having dealt with Pat Wenzl and Jim Chiles as a vendor over the last 14 years, I would emphatically state that Lincoln has one of the best managed fleets in the Midwest. They hold themselves and their departments to an extremely high standard that is not only rare but exemplary. Many fleet managers are limited by the rules and regulations of governmental entities; and these gentlemen are not hampered by those factors because they perform their duties in such a diligent manner that the rules that bind other departments become the guidelines for how to complete the course of business in the Public Works and Police Garage fleets.

Thank you for recognizing them, they and their employees deserve the accolades.

Anonymous said...

Oftentimes fleet operations are the silent backbone that enables other departments and employees to do their job. These folks manage a large amount of assets as well as personnel, budgets, supplies and facilities. They truly are the unsung heroes.