Monday, September 23, 2013

Wrong Lincoln

Hmmm. Come to think of it, I've already used that title. Oh well, it still works for this story.

Sunday morning, I received an email from a guy named Jim. He was pretty upset about a case in which a Lincoln police officer had kicked a women who was on the ground and handcuffed. Jim let me know exactly what he thought about this, and wanted to know how I would feel if that had been my wife or my daughter.

I had to spend a few minutes searching the web, but apparently this is the case to which he refers--involving a Lincoln, Rhode Island police officer in 2009. The officer was convicted of felony assault, and dismissed from the police force. He apparently appealed his termination (??), and apparently Jim had just run across the story.

I asked Jim if he had confused Lincoln, Nebraska with Lincoln, Rhode Island, and included my full address in my email signature. He assured me that he had not, including the link to the news story that had so incensed him. I thanked him for the link, and told him that I had just wondered why he had sent this to the head of a department 1,800 miles away.

At that point, the light bulb came on:
Well sir i do owe you an apology... this head cold has me hallucinating apparently!!!! I did just go back and look at your City Profile and sadly you are correct about where you live ... laughs.. and I agree NEBRASKA is a piece away from RHODE ISLAND... sighs.. I will have to come out there one day and take you to lunch.. At least, I made a new friend, and you did not get angry at me for my stupidity.


Peter said...

You might be surprised at how many followers of the Lincoln City Libraries' Twitter account are from Lincoln, England.

Anonymous said...


Jim you do a disservice and put a black eye on the Jims of the world!


Anonymous said...

My old english teacher is rolling over in her grave! Yowzers Jim. I blame his grammar on that new-fangled fad called texting...and the Godfather of the internet (Al Gore) for contributing to the confusion.

Anonymous said...

That's a good one!

Steve said...


I wouldn't be too critical of texting and the Internet for Jim's bad grammar. Perhaps he's simply been reading LJS for a whle.