Monday, September 16, 2013

The Truth

On the way home last Wednesday, September 11, I stopped at the cluster box and picked up the mail. Among the offers for free investment seminars, lower interest rates, and replacement windows was a United States Postal Service Ready Post mailer--no return address, way too much postage, and addressed simply to "Casady." The four stamps affixed were Liberty, Equality, Freedom, and Justice.

We call these things a clue in my business, and in retrospect I should have called in a Level 3 Hazmat incident, then gone across the street and bummed a beer off my neighbor, Curtis. We could have sat in his driveway and watched the festivities unfold. But I threw caution to the wind, and opened it up. It contained a single, unmarked DVD. I told Tonja that it was probably some video manifesto by an anti-government conspiracy theorist. I get this kind of stuff at the office with some regularity.

I popped the DVD into my home office PC.

I know, I know, but believe me: I would be quite pleased if the Dell contracted a deadly virus and I had an excuse to replace it with a 27" iMac.

The DVD wouldn't autorun, and I didn't recognize the file extensions. I wasn't in the mood to spend the evening hunting (Shark Tank was about to start!), so I just tossed it in my briefcase. I knew I'd find a PC in the duty commander's office at LPD that would in all work, because they deal with DVDs from all sorts of systems with all kinds of codecs.

So early yesterday morning, I fired it up in Capt. Beggs' office, and sure enough, it was a downloaded video about the 9/11 deception some anonymous donor had burned for my enjoyment. Between the $1.49 mailer, the postage, and the DVD, that had set him or her back five bucks. I had to watch a few minutes to confirm my initial suspicion, and by then I was hooked. Since the gov'mint had lied to us, and the news media and public had been duped, I really wanted to find out who actually destroyed the World Trade Center.

Despite liberal use of fast-forward, it still took me a-half-hour-I'll-never-get-back to search for The Truth. Alas, the video ended without revealing secret of 9/11. I still don't know whether it was the bankers, Bush, Obama, the generals, the insurance companies, or the same secret international cabal that puts fluoride in water and beans in chili.


ARRRRG!!!! said...

I'm surprised they haven't blamed it on Pirates yet.

Lincoln Crimestoppers said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't understand the 9/11 truther mentality.

First, what the heck do you think the public safety director of Lincoln Nebraska is going to do to expose your federal/world wide scandal? Besides, wouldn't he be in on it? Lincoln sent rescue workers there too!!! They had to help hide the evidence at the Director Casady would have to know!!!

Second, there have been plenty of documentaries and debunking shows to factually explain all the points brought up in this type of 'expose video.' I gave truthers a chance and after several of them not telling me anything except conjecture... I stopped listening and watched the debunking shows.

Why focus on a fake cover up when there are so many REAL ones going on in our federal Government. Do a Documentary on "Benghazi," "Fast and Furious" or even on the "Tea party tax scandal." I will help you with correct postage to entertain Director Casady and then give you some suggestions on who else to send it to.

Anonymous said...

No no no, just blame the Gay people don't you read the news it's always their fault !

Anonymous said...

I have been reading Brad Thor this month. He writes fiction but sometimes you have to wonder. FULL BLACK and BLACK LIST are great stories.

I have ongoing disputes with internet service providers so I have to go to the city library computers to get on the internet. I wonder if my comments will be monitored by the Net Nannies LOL.keetbes 178

Gun Nut

Steve said...

Cluster box! There's a word that I wish had never been coined.

ARRRRG!!!! said...

Happy Day!

Brian Fitzgerald said...

"Liberty, Equality, Freedom, and Justice”… sounds like the beginning of a Dan Brown novel.

Brian Fitzgerald said...

"Liberty, Equality, Freedom, and Justice”… sounds like the beginning of a Dan Brown novel