Friday, June 21, 2013

Follow the sign

I was in Washington, DC for a meeting of the National Institute if Justice (NIJ) Scientific Review Panel (SRP). The NIJ is the research arm of the United States Department of Justice, and the SRP advises the NIJ on criminal justice research proposals. I am one of four practitioners on this panel, which meets one time each year. This is the second year of my three year term.

While in Washington last year, I snapped a photo that led to a little fun on my blog, so this year I was also on the hunt for a sign.  Alas, the pickings were slim.  I did, however, notice Capital Bikeshare stations around town, including one right outside my hotel, the Crystal Gateway Marriott. I snagged a three-day pass, and pedaled all over the place early in the mornings for a workout and a little in the evening to and from restaurants. Pretty neat system, and sure beats the alternatives for both cost and convenience.

My morning rides were on the Mount Vernon Trail, a nice path that was teeming with hardcore cyclists, many of whom were commuting to the Pentagon. My 40 lb. rent-a-bike was a bit out of place, but I had no trouble working up a sweat on that behemoth.  Yesterday, I headed south on the trail, and noticed...a sign!

You can actually take the trail to Washington National Airport. The sign was just a short distance from the place where I jumped on the trail for my bike ride, so yesterday afternoon, I left my hotel and just walked that route to the airport.  It was a brisk 15 minutes, quicker than waiting for the airport shuttle, or heading to the Metro.  I wonder how many major city airports are walkable. I know of at least one. Tonja and I walked to the San Diego airport a few years ago, which was a nice stroll along the scenic harbor.

Turns out I could have discovered the route pretty quickly. You can find about anything these days with Google or Bing.


Anonymous said...

I've lodged at that hotel...did the Metro to/from airport...had it not been in the heat & humidity of July & had I known about the easy walk I might have done that instead.

By the way, if you truly "peddled all over the place" I hope you had a permit. I imagine you weren't really peddling...but you were pedaling.

Anonymous said...

Is that just a coding error, or did you intend low-flying aircraft to be able to read that huge font in today's post from iPads on the ground?

Tom Casady said...


More evidence that spell check does not fix stupid. Thanks.


Fixed. Thanks. Wrote most of this while on my flight last night using Kwrite, then pasted it into blogger this morning. Cut 'n paste inserted all sorts of unwanted tags. I should have checked!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of DC, this is right up your alley. You had a rep for being a straight shooter on stats, so you might find it interesting.