Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lincoln Fire & Rescue museum

Everyone in my family can testify that I love museums, and rarely pass a roadside historical marker.  I have annoyed them on more occasions than you can imagine, poring over some exhibit while everyone else in the family was rolling their eyes and hoping we could move along to something like dinner, or the rest of the vacation.

Although I love the Smithsonian, the Nebraska Historical Museum, the Nelson, the Joslyn, the Art Institute, and so forth, my favorites are smaller little places: county museums, corners of local libraries, and so forth that I occasionally discover off the beaten track.  There are a few little-known collections in Lincoln that I am particularly partial to, one of which is the museum at Lincoln Fire & Rescue Station 1, located at 1801 Q Street.   
A few years ago, Chief John Huff orchestrated an effort to clean out the closet, reorganizing the collection of artifacts in a back room at LF&R HQ.  The room was transformed from something akin the junk drawer in my garage into a top-notch little museum, that every LF&R employee can truly be proud of.  

It is a fascinating collection of equipment, memorabilia, documents, and photos spanning about 130 years of Lincoln's history.  The museum is suitable for all ages and can accommodate all but the largest groups. We invite the public to visit, and all we need is an advance phone call to make arrangements, so we can be certain have someone available to host.  


Steve said...

If they had a friendly Dalmatian there to greet visitors, I'll bet it would bring in a lot more!

Jim McKay said...

I am glad to see something like this, I plan to visit as soon as i can. My father was a Lincoln fireman that gave his life to the department and this city. Jim McKay

Anonymous said...

Steve, I like the idea of the Dalmatian greeting visitors!

Jim McKay, That's interesting. I didn't know that. Where was he stationed?