Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wake up call

If you didn't catch this tragic story on the national news this week, it is difficult to read, but should serve as a wake up call for everyone to check and test your smoke detectors, formulate and test the family fire drill.  While your at it, give up smoking--one of the leading sources of ignition for house fires in Lincoln and nationwide


Anonymous said...

Oh my, such a sad story. I can't imagine...

Anonymous said...

Tom-One more small piece of valuable advice is to also install a carbon monoxide alarm and avoid the "silent killer".


Anonymous said...

The state doesn't seem to complain when they get that million bucks a week in cig tax revenue to spend on pet projects. I wonder why that is. I'm a non-smoker, by the way.

Stop using candles - it's the 21st Century, and we aren't living in an episode of "Charmed".

Anonymous said...

I always keep a few boxes of Baking Soda in my kitchen and garage. I have used them to extinguish several types of fire over the years. I usually grab the box of Soda before I pick up the expensive fire extinguisher.

I have always had access to ABC fire extinguishers but never encountered a situation where the baking soda didn't work. For the $40 it would take to buy a fire extinguisher for the garage, kitchen and car I can buy a couple dozen boxes of Baking Soda and use them for other things also. Are there any types of fire where the Baking Soda would be a bad choice?

Gun Nut

Steve said...

Gun Nut:

I don't think I'd using baking soda on St. Elmo's Fire (the weather phenomena or the movie).