Monday, December 12, 2011

Behind the curtain

Do you ever wonder what really goes on at the police department, behind the curtain?  Here's a little insight: an internal email that Officer Jason Brownell (who is currently assigned as our domestic violence investigator) sent out Friday to his colleagues:
Thank you to all who have been completing the Domestic Violence Lethality Assessment forms. This has proven to be a valuable tool for us as adepartment to use in gauging the actual and real threat imposed on a victimand his/her family. I have not only received valuable feedback from theCounty Attorney's reference your efforts, but victims have also commented on investigating officers willingness to go beyond the window of the immediate report and listen to their story. As always, there will be instances where victims do not always make the choices we may find easy to make in our own lives, yet that is the reason why we come to work every day; to make a difference."
Now that's enough to make this public safety director pretty proud, but it's also worth checking out this local video-on-demand program about Lincoln Fire & Rescue, in which local radio host Dale Johnson interviews Firefighter Nancy Engelbrecht.


Mrs. Brownell said...

A student in a graduate course at Doane approached me about Jason a few months ago because she recognized our matching last names. She works at a women's shelter in Lincoln and was so grateful for the relationship he has created with their agency and his dedication to hard work with domestic violence. The boys and I see his compassionate and hard working qualities at home as well. We are very proud of Jason!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jason!