Monday, October 31, 2011

Lost and found

Here's an email that went out to all LPD employees on Saturday, from Officer Brad Junker. Let's hope it has a happy ending!

On 10-29-11, at approx 1300 hrs, I located a men's white gold
wedding-style ring in the weight room; it was found on the floor next to the
white squat rack. In the event that you do not enjoy wearing gloves in your
house around your wife and do not enjoy sleeping on the couch, the ring was
turned over to Cpt Wright and can be claimed in the LPD Duty Command office.


Anonymous said...

How funny! Let's hope the ring and its owner were reunited.

Anonymous said...

Hey chief, If you are the public safety chief, why are you always writing about police stuff and not firefighter stuff. Sounds to me like you have picked your favorie

Anonymous said...

He's written plenty about "fire fighter stuff". As a police officer, I've found his blogs to be rather boring lately because they're no longer police related very often and are more statistic based.
It's only fair to say he knows the police business more than he knows the fire fighting business because he's spent his whole life as a police officer. I think he, himself, would admit this. He's learning the "fire fighting stuff" and is rarely involved with LPD anymore. You sound like a whiner.

Tom Casady said...


Sorry, I'll try to do better. I have only had this new gig since June, but I didn't really view these posts as being "police stuff"--or at least not exclusively police stuff:

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Anonymous said...

You don't always write about police stuff. You don't always write about firefighter stuff. But you DO usually write about interesting topics that we can all relate to. And thank you for that! I, for one, LOVE reading your blog every day. I hope you never quit writing it.

ARRRRG!!!! said...

Hope the ring doesn't look like this. If it does, I might be in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Looks like 8:50 went off half-cocked! That's what all the girls said about him, anyway.