Monday, December 13, 2010

The Sower

Atop Nebraska’s unique State Capital resides The Sower, a 19 foot tall statue of a pioneer flinging seed across the prairie.  A local philanthropic and fraternal organization, the Sowers, takes its name from this iconic statue.

Every year for at least the past 17 that I know of, the Sowers have included the Lincoln Police Department in their philanthropy.  I have had the honor of representing the many recipients of their donations with a few remarks at their annual dinner for many years. 

Friday night, I told the Sowers how important it is for women and men of our generation to pass on to those who follow us the great rewards in life they may otherwise miss: the taste of a thin-cut pork chop brown and crisp; the succulence of a slow-cooked, bone-in chuck roast; the dawn over the Platte River at the Overton exit in late March; and the feeling of giving—passing on to others a portion of the gifts we have received, sharing the bounty of life with others. 

The Sowers, apart from supporting dozens of other organizations with millions of dollars over the decades, bestowed a gift of $1,000 Friday night to one of my favorite charities, Santa Cop.  In addition, the members festooned a Christmas Tree in the banquet hall with cash (who says money doesn’t grow on trees?) to the tune of an additional $1,200.

Social, fraternal, and philanthropic clubs have fallen on hard times in an age of air conditioning, 24-hour television, and the Internet.  The Sowers, however, buck the trend, and continue to be a vibrant force for good in Lincoln, connecting members one-and-one, and making a difference in our world.  Thanks you, Sowers, for your contribution!


ARRRRG!!!! said...

Very few people have seen the Sower up close.

Steve said...


Sowers rule!

Off topic, can you give any info on possible federal weapons violations in 46th and Randolph area turned over to FBI recently?

Anonymous said...

I was just curious if there are any connections with the Scheel's stolen guns and the recent bust of gang members in Grand Island?

Gun Nut

Anonymous said...

Private charitable organizations like the Sowers do great work. Our country will be going through some very difficult times in the next few years. Outfits like the Sowers are a big help for those who are facing hardships.
Gun Nut