Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Identify this


Anonymous said...

A 1942 pre-test?

Anonymous said...

Is that an old alcohol breath tester?

Anonymous said...

It's a old PBT wasn't called that then but it was used for testing alcohol level.

Chem Tech said...

My wild guess is that it's a detector for crowd control gas to let the user know when it's safe to take his or her mask off.

Or maybe it's a pirate raid ALERRRT.

Steve said...

That is a picture you took yesterday with your Canon Powershot of an orange box with a switch on it.

Am I first? Do I win anything?

Anonymous said...

It looks like one of the door alarms from the late 1970's. You would hang it on your doorknob and if anyone even touched the door it would sound a loud alarm.

Gun Nut

Steve said...

Okay, my first guess might be correct, but upon further study, I'm guessing it is some kind of alcohol level measuring device.

Anonymous said...

door knob alarm

Anonymous said...

How about a good, clear, straight-on pic of the entire label?

Rory Dunne said...

I'm going to guess that it's a very early breathalyser! the eighties "Tron" typefont and the barely decipherable company name are a giveaway

Anonymous said...

Red light BAD

Green light GOOD


Anonymous said...


Geiger Counter?

Mini Guitar Amp?

Old Fashioned Cell Phone Charger?

Single Walkie Talkie?

Police Scanner?

Anonymous said...

Is this one of our pre tests from 1975 - 1978 or so? Where are the paper mouth pieces?

Tom Casady said...




Yes. Mike Garnett, Jon Morris, Steve Wetzel and I administered thousands of preliminary breath tests with this device.


Nice use of the EXIF data.


That would ruin the fun.


Now that depends on which end of the mouthpiece you are on, don't you think?


All the above.


I've got a brand new pair of roller skates, if you've got a brand new key. It would be nice to have a supply!

Grundle King said...

Clearly, that's a black Pilot G-2 ball-point pen, complete with rubberized grip.

What do I win?!!

Anonymous said...

Chief-Good point. I've been on both ends of the machine. Fortunately, when I was was on the blowing end, it was green.


ARRRRG!!!! said...

The orange color gives it away. It detects Ninja Pirates.

Tom Casady said...

Grundle King-

The usual selection, you can pick, "blood, breath, or urine?"

Anonymous said...

The fact that I DIDN'T know what it was, makes me feel pretty good about my 'innocent' younger days!

Anonymous said...

Some of the people who had previously see such a unit likely just saw an orange, blurry thing.

Anonymous said...

All of you are wrong. It's a Pen Mate pen sitting on the monthly stats with some weird orange box thing in the way!