Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One of many

By the way, Monday's drunk driver dressed as a breathalyzer wasn't the only DWI arrest over the Halloween weekend.  From midnight on Friday to 0500 hours on Monday, there were a total of 26 drunk driving arrests.  That's a pretty hefty number for a single weekend. Nor was he the only drunk driver in costume.  He was joined at the detox center by a French maid and a naughty border patrol agent. 


Steve said...

Did you also cite the border patrol agent for impersonating an officer?

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the Detox center is where all the action is in Lincoln.

Gun Nut

Former Deputy D said...

Ha Ha, need more photos.
On a more serious note, Great job keeping the drunks (Code 46)off the roads. I'm sure a few injuries/fatalities were avoided! A sincere "THANKS" to all the Police Officers in the Great State of Nebraska for their continued DWI Enforcement efforts. Awesome Job LPD!

Anonymous said...

Chief-Last week I was in a bar/restaurant in Omaha and a couple of young girls were relating the story of their "girl's trip" to Lincoln for the NU-Texas game to their male friend. They talked about all the shots they'd consumed. They talked about stumbling over everyone in their row at the stadium. They apparently fell down the stairs exiting the stadium. Of course they thought their activities were hilarious. And then, low and behold they stumbled into an LPD officer near the stadium while one girl was vomiting in the street, which, according to them, caused them to immediately "sober-up". Apparently, the officer saw it differently, and of course the girl that couldn't keep from commenting on the officer's lack of compassion ended up at detox.

I just couldn't help myself so I asked her if she took a breath test. She blew a .168%BAC. At which time her boyfriend chimed in and said she should probably write a thank you note to LPD for saving her from robbery/getting run-over/rape and other bad stuff.

Never ceases to amaze me.


Anonymous said...

Is their really an acronym that is:
H U A...I was told by a person that accident reports once had those on as a box officers could check.

Anonymous said...

steve: The feds do a good job of locking up their own, take for example the two sent to prison for protecting our boarders.

Anonymous said...

I will title this "Once is Enough"
I call in a stalled vehicle and explain that it is a traffic hazard. Then I get asked
"What is wrong with it"?
LOL''' I am not a mechanic.....Then the $50,000.00 dollar question..."Is the four way flashers on"?
So a bit later,Ten minutes later, when I saw the three spray paint vandals at work near 23rd and r street I decided to not subject myself to further stupid questions by who ever this call taker was, or is..I only hope the paint crew use another color as green looked bad on the nails of the turtle that they painted (vandalized) last time. Signed..Enoughs Enough...

Anonymous said...


Yes, there is an acronym HUA. No, it's never been an actual box to check on the report, although it is a significant contributing factor in many collisions.


Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous at 10:05. I called this past week to report an accident between me and another citizen and the male who answered the phone was very rude and seemed to not want to even talk to me. I'm sure the police receive lots of calls, but its not to hard to be a little nicer on the phone. Chief, who answers these calls? Does every officer take a rotation? The answerer doesn't seem very professional. Are people trained and regularly checked up on for phone etiquette?

Tom Casady said...

11:11 -

It depends. If you called the emergency number (911), or the published non emergency dispatch number (441-6000), you would be speaking to the personnel of the City of Lincoln Communications Center, a division of the Finance Department. The Center handles call-take and dispatch for police, sheriff, and fire in Lancaster County.

If you called the published number for police information and administration, you would be talking to the employees of the Lincoln Police Department Service Desk, who work for me.

If you called information on your phone to get a number, all bets are off. You might be talking to me, to a mechanic at the police garage, or to whoever answered the ringing line in the mens locker room. You just never know where in the world these information operators in Timbuktu get the numbers they give out, but they sure don't seem to bother to find the right one.

Anonymous said...

I think we need to see that naughty border patrol agent, and maybe the French maid as well, just for the sake of gender equality.

Grundle King said...

Whenever I have a non-emergency police matter to report, I always call the 441-6000 number, which is programmed into my phone. I've always found the responders to be polite. I've also asked them to follow up with me as to what was done, and the responding officers have always been polite and forthcoming, as well.