Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Also nabbed

Yesterday afternoon's robbery of a US Bank branch on N. 27th Street was Lincoln's first bank robbery in over a year. Like last April's robbery of a Union Bank branch, an alert citizen spotted the getaway car yesterday, which led to a quick arrest.

Overall, there have now been seven holdups of businesses in Lincoln thus far in 2010.  Two of those are what you might describe as "forcible shoplifting," although this precise example is used in item number 11 on page 23 of the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting Handbook to illustrate the definition of robbery.  I wonder how many police departments accurately apply that definition to these kinds of crimes.

The low number of business robberies so far this year is highly unusual, even by Lincoln's standards.  Last year as of May 4th, we had suffered 21 robberies of businesses, including three banks.  We must have the right people in jail at the moment.


Steve said...

I've always thought the logo model for this outfit might be a strong-arm robber.

Anonymous said...

My impression is that most violent felonies (and armed robbery is a violent felony, even if no one is physically injured) are committed by previously-convicted felons, or those who were originally charged with a felony that was later plea-dealt down to a misdemeanor. It would also seem that getting rid of the "good time" law for all violent felony convictions (murder, attempted murder, robbery, forcible rape, aggravated assault, kidnapping, residential burglary (I consider that a violent crime), etc, would go a long was to delaying recidivism.

I think it's actually cheaper for the taxpayers to pay for longer incarceration of violent predators (including building and maintaining more correctional facilities) than it is to let them loose after only half their sentence is served, because that just has them back out and victimizing those same taxpayers again sooner. Instead of the "good time" carrot, use the "bad time" stick of having to serve even more time than your full sentence if you don't behave yourself as an inmate, like a military prison. Daily inspections, no facial hair, uniform buzz-cuts, all the trimmimgs.

Anonymous said...

I think this outfit has a better logo for strong-arm robbery.

Steve said...

I think you're robbing the country if you don't pay your taxes. :)

Anonymous said...

I prefer to call them strong-arm shoplifts, but do code 'em as robberies (as do the officers).

Anonymous said...

I think it is safe to assume he was not making a "deposit"?
Not having toilet paper is another oops.
Anyone who reads about all the money the Govt is getting from China may be confused to think the banks are just "giving it away".
It seems what is up is down these days.

ARRRRG!!!! said...

All banks should hire security like Sterling Bank did.