Wednesday, January 6, 2010

To do list

The beginning of 2010 leaves me with a hefty list of things that I have to get done to close out 2009. Here's what I'm slowly working on between meetings, calls, emails, report reading, minor crises and a blizzard:

1. Update all our materials--mapping applications, threshold alerts, Omega Dashboard viewers, Crystal Reports, and so forth concerning registered sex offenders, to reflect the changes in Nebraska law that went into effect January 1.

2. Update all of my spreadsheets and graphs concerning crime, police workload, budget, and special interests (alarms, wild parties, metal theft, etc.) to include the final data for 2009.

3. Develop the remaining portion of the selection process for a Crime Analysis Manager, and notify the finalists of the next steps.

4. Compose and deliver information to employees about some changes to or General Orders manual that may be helpful to them.

5. Export the geocoded crime and dispatch data for 2009, create those layers in the archive, and reset the year 2010 data in our GIS servers.

Later this week or next I'll update readers on a couple of these projects that I expect to yield interesting results.


ARRRRG!!!! said...

This is how I decide what to do next on my 'to do' list.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like an interesting job. I might come out of retirement for a job like that.

Gun Nut

Tom Casady said...


I lob these softballs up, and every now and then you hit one out of the park. Nicely done. This one amused me almost as much as the keyboard.

Anonymous said...

My New's Year's Resolution is less time on the internet. How can I give this up, ARRRRG!!!!? Chief??

Steve said...

This may have been posted here before; I don't remember where I first saw it. However, if you are typing with the pirate keyboard, you may also find a need for this.

Kendra said...

Sometimes I forget just how much I enjoy reading the comments on this blog. :)

ARRRRG!!!! said...

Anon 1:57;

It used to be easy to get away from the Internet but it's nearly impossible with satellite Internet and Internet cell phones so good luck.


Thanks. I'll use the Pirate Encyclopedia with my translator.